Surface 3 Review

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guys are traveling here today and on andon passing of the microsoft surface their three versions of the surfaceheresy thirty-two data by bringing the comes just with the tablet fears the thirty to get my version thatcomes with a touch cover and the sixty-four gigabyte version that alsocomes with a touch cover this is that version right here so gonna get rightinto it and open this sucker up sort of take out the tablet box concede circumstance will be the tape onit you about that

to give you play-by-play commentary price will be moved here power adapter i’m assuming ison correctly and here’s a tablet wrapped in plastic that anymore and was this destruction welcome

it seems to be will be something underneath that that’sall so we got the tablet they have the power adapter comes the power of this on person’s problem nasa surface please wait will feel that way too long

and wall that’s happening pick up atouch cover and that have to work tv well there it is as that satisfying scrunched down that if you’ve seen the surfacecommercial you’ve heard up to the power i think the powerreviews weapons problem here

are having to put this into connected tosport visual purposes analysts surfaced isn’t there it’s isattached cover there’s the picks them right there here we go and there’s a natural interface there should be a first of video and aswell as before the on the site right now so can’t get out once again our franklin and this hasbeen an unboxing of the microsoft circuits

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