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people and organizations rely on “the cloud” to do many of the things they care most about. communicating with family and friends, orbusiness partners and customers. storing and sharing important personal andprofessional documents. the benefits of the cloud are profound. itconnects us to things we care most about, creates new opportunities and dramaticallyincreases capability and lowers cost for businesses. despite its name the cloud has a physicalpresence. it is in reality a series of data centers around the world, housing millionsof powerful computers that make these things possible. this data is your data, just as the data onyour hard drive is yours, but it resides in

data centers managed by technology companies. microsoft’s data center located in dublin,ireland has been getting a lot of attention. the u.s government served microsoft with a search warrant seeking to compel us to provide email content stored exclusively in the dublin data center. microsoft is resisting this warrant on the grounds that digital content shouldhave the same privacy protections as physical content. the u.s. government would not attempt to travel to another country and execute a search warrant. the approach shouldn’t change just because that content is stored digitally. we believe the government’s approach isultimately putting the privacy rights of americans at risk and challenging the ability of peoplearound the world to rely on the privacy protections

of their own governments and laws. it risksundermining trust in technology. the u.s has other means to request the data it seeks through established treaties with ireland and other countries. the case highlights broader concerns. privacy laws in the us and in other places around the world have not kept pace with technology. rather than update those laws governments are stretching the boundaries of old lawsin the name of security. governments play a vital and difficult rolein keeping communities safe, but the laws around the world need to strike a better balance between security and privacy. that’s one reason that we brought this case and why we believe the u.s. government and other governments

need to introduce reforms.

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