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hi, i’m sheena, and i’m ren and i’m four andwe’re gonna do the leappad3. perfect! let’s show them how to turn it on. this is the buttonyou turn on. so we want to talk about how easy and fast this is for young children touse. so here’s ren’s avatar, as you can see it loaded really quickly. so i go ahead and,so it saves all of her information under her and you can have multiple users which is soawesome if you have multiple children who will be using the same leappad. yeah that’sme. so we’re gonna go, here’s the home screen, it’s really kid-friendly and easy to navigate.yeah, and this is where we touch the cook button. all the games pop-up in the lowercorner. so the best thing that i love about this is that it’s so kid-friendly, you goahead and just play and i’ll chat for a second.

is that it’s really kid-friendly and as aparent, the directions are so explicit and step-by-step that she can just totally getgoing on her own, and very little guidance is needed from me cause it walks her througheverything. mama, can you talk a little quiet, i can’t listen to them when you do that. sorry!so it’s um, it’s a perfect activity for her to gain independence, and confidence on doingsomething on her own, and we’re a huge fan of all four explorer games that we’ve triedso far but this, the cooking! on the road game has been our favorite so far. andif you wanted to shut down, how quickly is it to turn off the leappad, what do you do?um, i press back this button. and then you’re done! and then i’m done! it’s so easy. yeah,it’s so easy. you press this button to turn

on and off. perfect!

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