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rebuttal to timmy train wreck episode 1, june 21, 2017. this is my rebuttal to a youtube user who claims he’s got more authority than i do, to teach about god. i posted it on his youtube video, but i believe he will delete it, so i decided to make a video. for 30 years i have had christians like this guy trying to shut me up. in 1995 i was on aol in chat rooms and had hundreds of enemies from the christian religion. they used to stalk me and they used to stock my followers. many my followers have been killed. but i do have supporters and some actually higher bodyguards to protect me. the rumor was that the cia paid $2 million to kill me in 1985 and for political reasons they started to pay $6 million a year to protect me.

those are just stories i heard. but the bodyguards they were hiring were actually a threat, as they would tell people in the bar who i was. even though the bodyguards did not know who i was, they would make up stories of who i was. some just thought i was some rich billionaire. others thought i was some kind of movie star like that timothy campbell on survivor island or the tv show with the guys with the beards. the catholics called me saint timothy until they found out i wasn’t catholic. the pope has been trying to combine the world religions into one based on my teachings. that’s when i decided to create my own religion, because they’re only twisting the truth. the religions of the world are not truth seekers.

they are better at hiding the truth and destroying religious books, killing the prophets and messengers of god, than they are at teaching or learning from them. who am i i am the messiah. god gave me the authority. who gave you the authority to make your video youtube user alphlond everything belongs to god. all the land belongs to god and is not to be sold forever. leviticus 25:23 "’the land must not be sold permanently, because the . .

haggai 2:8 the silver is mine, and the gold is mine, said the lord. food grows on trees god is the provider. matthew 6:26. "look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly father feeds them. are you not worth much more than they? youtube user alphlond, you haven’t watched all of my videos but david koresh was killed by christians. he wasn’t killed because he claimed to be the messiah, he was killed because he believed that i was the messiah. david koresh was one of my followers. he read my books.

i know he did because i mailed them to him. i had a mail order ministry, before we had computers. actually jesus appeared in japan and that’s were a lot of the buddhists teachings come from. this is why i am famous in japan. an antichrist is someone who denies that jesus comes in the flesh. if you haven’t seen jesus, you don’t know jesus. because jesus comes in the flesh. i know because i’ve seen jesus. furthermore, jesus is god and no messiah.

i didn’t see you debunk my latest video where jesus told peter to his face that he was god the father. whereas the proof that christianity is the most evil religion on earth is that they kill all the prophets of god. they have tried to kill me. but now the government protects me for political reasons. on tax collecting. matthew 17:25. when peter entered the house, jesus preempted him. "what do you think, simon? " he asked.

"from whom do the kings of the earth collect customs and taxes: from their own sons, or from others? " peter said to him, of strangers. jesus said to him, then are the children free? http://biblehub. com/matthew/17-26. htm. the holy quran surah 92: 20. the purpose and goal of life is to see god the most high. the muslim god is not a invisible god.

just like the bible, there are different versions of the koran. i think the one spelled with a k is actually a christian version that was created to make islam look crazy. thus making christianity the most evil religion on earth. there is no record or history of muslims killing prophets of god. muslims don’t kill people who claim to have seen god like christians do. unfortunately the muslim religion is run by christians. but thank god we have the holy quran to set them straight. sorry about the miss pronunciation and spelling of my words. i believe public education is indoctrination and god said not to take from the tree of knowledge.

my mother’s bible was filled with naked pictures. i’m not really sure when the church decided nudity was evil. but the book of genesis clearly has adam and eve naked and when god said, "who told you that you were naked"? adam and eve answered it was the serpent the devil that told us we were naked. the devil seems to be still telling us that we are naked and should be ashamed when we remove our clothing. revelation 9:20 the rest of mankind who were not killed. the book of revelation clearly says, that people will be destroyed for the “works of their hands” . got had created the earth in six days or spans of time and this is the sabbath, all of god’s work has been finished. money is the mark of the beast.

you can’t buy or sell without it. who’s image is on the coin? well the seven dead presidents are on paper money and i believe this is the seven headed beast of revelation. paper money is a joke. it’s absolutely worthless. the only thing that gives money value is that it’s backed up by a military. people with guns say paper money has value and that’s why it has value. just like all these antiques and oil paintings that they claim are worth millions of dollars. a diamond is simply a stone and gold is simply a metal.

you can’t eat it. it has no value. it is simply backed by the blood and bodies of human beings.

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