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hello, my dear aliholics! 3d sweaters are probably my most favoritething to buy on aliexpress. over the last couple of years i have acumulatedquite a few, most of them are sweetshots, and one is ahoodie. i have learned that i apparently an xl,which came as a surprise, as i normally buy stuff in medium size. i am 6.1 ft tall and i weigh 145 lbs. i got the one with pugs in large, but it endedup being a bit shorter, so i don’t wear it very often.

the sweetshots are all made of the same material,which is a mix of polyester and spandex. the stitches on them are fairly well-done,there isn’t a single weird spot, or a loose thread. xl is the biggest size i’ve seen for thesesweaters, so if you’re a bigger human, consider buying a hoodie instead – they comeas big as xxxl. on the llamarorn hoodie, however, the areaaround the hood had a noticeable amount of loose threads. i tried cutting them off, but wasn’t successful,so i kept it like that. i’ve had this hoodie for about half a year,and it did not rip or detach any further,

so the problem is just cosmetic. the material is super soft and resembles fleece. as always, my tip is if you are buying clothingon aliexpress, or anywhere else online, really, is that you should make sure to measure yourselfand compare the numbers to the size chart. asian sizing is different, so it is best tonot go by the size alone. once you know your asian sizing, you shouldbe good to go. my favourite sweater is the kim jong kardashianone, but sadly, i don’t get to wear it very often. these sweaters are usually sold around $12-20,and the hoodies around $15-25.

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