Lg G3 Review

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hey guys keaton here with techsmartt and todaywe’re going to be talking even more about the apple iphone 6. so we’ve talked aboutthis in previous videos and we’ve talked about what we’re likely to see, everything we knowand we even discussed one of the dummy units that we received which is the 4.7" model.it is definitely bigger. but, now that we’ve received the 5.5" model and we have it inhouse, lets go ahead and talk about this a little bit more because apple will most likelybe releasing two models which is pretty crazy when we take a look at this bigger one, becauseit is 5.5". so without further delay, lets go ahead and hop on into what we will be seeinglater this fall. so these iphone 6 models are fabricated by case companies to get abetter understanding of what they’ll be working

with when producing their cases ahead of time.so the 5.5" when in comparison to the 4.7" and the iphone 5s, it is absolutely huge.it does bring some of the same design traits that the ipod touch 5th generation touts havinga thin design and just everything being a bit more rounded and pulled out.

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