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lg g flex was a strange and definitely audacious move. it worked though, that’s why the company is releasing its successor. i am sakis karpas, you are watching unboxholics and this is the lg g flex 2, an android smartphone with flagship specs and price, but with less impressive intentions. for me, it’s an ace up the sleeve of lg and although the device isn’t widely known, it helps in the development of the company in the market. starting with the packaging, lg wants to present something neat. g flex 2 comes in a beautiful red case, which contains a usb cable, a charger, a premium set of headphones and a manual.

as for g flex 2 itself, it has a curved body and display. being curved helps in watching according to lg, but to be honest, this shape helped me more in getting a firm grip on the device, rather in something else. reducing the size in 5.5 inches instead of 6, made the user experience much more convenient. the design is pretty much the same. there is a simple and lite design that loves curves. there are not many interesting things on the frame of the device, except the ir blaster, the microusb port and the audio jack, because the main buttons exist on the back of the device.

the texture of the buttons is a bit improved, but in any case we have the same design. on the back, besides volume rocker and power button, there is the camera, the laser scanner for the autofocus, the dual flash and further down we see the average performance speaker. the thing i didn’t like about g flex 2 was the glossy back cover, while although it is fingerprint resistant, it gives a feeling of cheap plastic. for the record, the back cover has self-healing abilities in small scratches giving you access to the microsd and sim slots, but not the battery, as this is not removable.

in terms of dimensions, we have a 5.5 inch screen protected by gorilla glass 3. it’s 149.1mm long, 75.3mm wide and 9.4mm thick. the weight is 152g, a decent figure for its size. inside we have qualcomm’s snapdragon 810 chipset, with 8 cores that split into two cpus of 1.5 and 2ghz, while adreno 430 handles the graphics. ram is on 2gb for the 16gb version (which i am holding) and 3gb for the 32gb version, a move that i don’t fully understand. there is a microsd support up to 128gb.

the screen is p-oled type, it has full hd resolution and a pixel density of 403ppi. the battery of g flex 2 was a bit disappointing. even though it’s 3.000mah, it barely makes it through a demanding day. the device supports 3g and 4g lte connectivity. the device comes with android 5.0.1 lollipop pre-installed, carrying both the positives and the negatives of this version. as expected, knock code is supported and it tends to be one of the most interesting technologies in smartphones and the truth is that i value it more than fingerprint scanners. so thumbs up for lg on this one.

when lollipop is combined with this hardware we have a truly fast experience. in fact some of the lg tweaks have further improved this. on the other hand, there are a lot of bugs that we see on most phones running google’s new software. the overheating problem isn’t solved yet and i think lg should deal with this processor’s hot potato. i just love the screen of the device. oled technology gives beautiful colors without exaggerating, exceptional black and very decent white. concerning full hd versus qhd, i belong to the category that doesn’t notice major differences.

on the contrary, i prefer g flex’s 2 full hd screen over g3’s qhd. when it comes to curves, i just can’t fully comprehend the advantages during use. maybe there is a small 3d effect, but still i only see usefulness in the firm grip of the device. let’s talk about cameras. the secondary front camera of 2.1mp records 1080p @30fps video, with average performance. the main camera is the strong point of yet another lg device. it’s actually the same impressive sensor as the lg g3’s with the optical image stabilization. no one is going to be disappointed, as the camera delivers crisp images with incredible dynamic range and depth of field, both on pictures and videos. lg g flex 2 has been released in greece and you can get it for about €500, although the official price is at €769.

it’s a truly great device that has nothing to fear next to the flagships. personally i enjoyed all of the 12 days i had it in my possession! that’s all for now. i ‘ll catch you up on unboxholics.com!

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