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today we’re gonna talk about the clarisonicopal. this is the sister to the clarisonic brush. this is an infusion system that massagesany eye product deeper into the eye area. it will reduce eye fatigue, wrinkles, puffiness,and it will just feel amazing. here i am applying a small drop of the clarisonic sea serum intothe silicone tip of the clarisonic. after you’ve dispensed a small drop of the opalsea serum onto the clarisonic you can hit the start button. use figure eights or smallcircular motion. the clarisonic will run for 30 seconds per each eye. use little to nopressure. let the clarisonic do the work. you can use it anywhere you have a wrinkleon the face or body. it’s perfect for the nasolabial folds, above the lip, between theeyebrows, the forehead. even if you have a

pimple, use a little blemish cream. just letthe clarisonic run the 30 second cycle per each area. here is a selection of productsthat you can use with the clarisonic opal. we can help you decide the appropriate onefor your skin type. to learn more about this product or to purchase your own, stop in orgive us a call.

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