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greetings, fellow captains! i bet you’ve been in a situation whenyou’re all alone, on a damaged ship, against enemies with full hp. the last hope of your team! and they say that hope isa hard habit to break! for our hero, axelramm from the ru server sailing on groãÿer kurfã¼rst the beginning of thebattle was quite routine the first salvo

and "first blood." nothing special. by the way, have you noticedhow beautiful our game is in calm weather andfrom a bird’s eye view? ok, there’s no time to admire the scenery— an enemy montana is askingfor an artillery duel. i wonder why they’ve exposed their side? is it to arouse our interest or to carry out some cunning plan?

but then it all got tooserious to hesitate. an almost shakespearean dilemma: "to dodge or to fire?" on the one hand, it would bea shame not to unleash all this firepower at the exposedside of the enemy battleship, but on the other hand, a spread of torpedoes came out of nowhere. greed prevailed. salvo!

and the american kissed58 thousand hp goodbye. however, our hero payed the sameamount of hp for this splendid salvo. it’s ok, even losing half of your hp is no reasonto fall into despair for a battleship, especially consideringthe fact that montana became our hero’s second frag. having lost control point c, the enemy team managed to succeed succeed in all other parts of the map.

we’re lagging behind themby almost 200 points. the enemy fletcher and baltimore cleverly working together, havealready sunk an allied montana and are going to play thesame trick with our hero. the destroyer has setup a smoke screen and the cruiser has shownitself for a moment, trying to lure kurfã¼rst into a trap. what they haven’t thought about is that german battleships are equipped

with hydroacoustic searchfor such occasions our hero carefully approaches the smoke and, at the same time, sends anotherenemy destroyer to the port, the same one that ruined the mood at thebeginning of the battle with its torpedoes. hydroacoustics discover fletcher inside the smoke. the fourth frag! baltimore is next. understanding the hopelessnessof its situation,

the cruiser decidesto go ramming. a salvo from the bow turretsrobs it of 10 thousand hp, but it’s still rushing at our battleshiplike a raging bull at a torero. one and a half kilometers! turning! the aft turrets and formidablegerman secondary armament prove once more that kurfã¼rst is notto be trifled with at close range. the score is even by ships and all three control points are ours.

our hero decided to switch flank andthis small two-minute promenade had catastrophic results i can’t really explain how ithappened that our hero suddenly found themselves alone againstthree enemies with full hp no one would bet on them now, well, no one apart fromour producer, maybe. sooo, who’s first? north carolina? it’s cautious!

that’s ok, though, let’s put the secondaryarmament priority on it, let it sweat. yamato has hit us for 8 thousand hp— not good. at least moskva isn’there to make it worse. and carolina? it’s exposed! too early

at least the secondary armamenthit counter doesn’t stop. yamato fires and… misses! a salvo at carolina— 16 thousand hp! the aft turrets— another 8 thousand! carolina snarls back for 15 thousand. let’s finish it off with the aft turrets.

goodbye carolina and hello "high caliber!" but it’s difficult toappreciate awards when an almost intact yamatois in front of you. our hero pretends to go rammingand yamato slows down. however, kurfã¼rst, keeping itsperfect nordic composure, changes course at the lastmoment, and unleashes a full broadside at the japaneseat point-blank range. first, with bow turretsfor 47 thousand damage!

then, the aft turrets— 37 thousand. five citadel hits!! that’s what i call a devastating strike! and you doubted our kurfã¼rst! but the deck is on fire and, as luck wouldhave it, everything is on cooldown. hp is diminishing quickly. 12 thousand… 10…

7… 6! damage control party is ready! gosh! but moskva can still destroyus with a couple of salvos! and there she is! sideways! yeees!! victory!!

well, that ended sooner than i expected! eight sunk ships, 297 thousand damage, and 3 thousand base xp, which turned into22 thousand with all the modifications. and don’t forget about theseven well-deserved rewards. but numbers aren’t everything. the main thing is that our hero provedthat if you set up your ship correctly, keep your composure and self-reliance,

you can win even in such difficult conditions. and if you can overcome the odds, send me your replay!

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