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no okay just in case ok fuck out of here shit i’m stuck no not he’ll go we’re going to go go left shit now go crap oh hell no oh give it oh god no really fuck

follow the crazies maybe we go there was shit i love that noises but i’m going upstairs the objective reach the ground floor of the mail board ok batteries any batteries of course not there’s somebody use there we go i know ok so now that’s nothing or oh ok there we go

push there we go go go ok it’s one of those sitting people crazy bastards and jump up at me get some really toned legs that look at that shit is out with us out crap ok go towards the light maybe let’s go upstairs i got three batteries left of course it’s locked of course life is just not

simple for us you’re in the asylum crap shit the wrong direction get out here you shut this door and crap i have to go i melted rock okay is there any batteries whatsoever i need batteries as a camera man okay here we go this may be going to the events

k batteries of course course not well we got some more files me and oh batteries i don’t think god we need those on the dumbest stock okay here we got me what me what me go go buddy go dead silent

let’s go push it push it push it push it we doing dude oh my god batteries batteries batteries no batteries go i’ve let that go go go look my son there’s the blood

oh my god and another there is no good oh you’re gonna shit it’s dead here we go go go oh my god really oh my god really oh my god ok so go go go like i really nonsense is this men are you get in the dumbwaiter if you want to live where’s the dumbwaiter god jab right

choice here but oh yeah bullshit priests going on chair witness or whatever you must be exhausted no let’s take a break huh buddy you’ll do martini lunch and a little confab and a year then you look a little cardio wouldn’t kill you ok here we go arms and legs inside the car at all times

i’m dead shit where is he taking me you know i love them out of here at night if you wanna head out take sold my head all day here go on the run free and in no hurry no right nose to the grindstone i like that okay then right this way to you got me tied down of course the get-go

ok so close yet so far away given that time many years anyway she told him he’s just tired of the conditions here we great thanks so much for coming by will be in your consultation purchase and the movies and it’ll give us a chance

you i’m a bit worried how much time you’ve been spending with father martin i know i hope you haven’t been letting him confused with always holier-than-thou down bible something no offense to the man but sometimes words just shift a little bit if you will get scared there’s like to turn your god is helping

god died with the goals one or more concrete you have to rob all the peter there’s no other way murder in it is the simplest form of what happens when all my school money comes later and that’s what i’m here for i thought is it taking mr. sahir bobby pay attention test on the show you’re doing better

we move because your production this thing gonna tell really although missing fingers now great i can understand that any batteries in here at least how mean go downstairs get out of here and pay an executive just like jane and he’s still work so well and you can solve that nobody now right here and hug

you he’s got next letter oh man oh man oh man oh no where do i go them later the elevator needs a key are you kidding me anybody for anything no i need a key but i don’t know where to go oh there we go that’s where my god oh my god really

elevator requires a key we’ve been moving leave and i’ll catch up over that dammit i don’t ok on my left hey nobody likes a quitter too bad i quit there is

then let me tell you got damaged always everywhere with you it won’t just leave me the fuck alone and close that’s why am i oh my god come on i know is looking underneath yeah sure

ok come on teacher the seven habits god damn it is always everywhere go is a pocket the right way oh they’re closed that’s why these guys everywhere he just won’t leave me alone everywhere i swear the guy he’s got

another like a quitter i still there goddammit just go the fuck away ok maybe he is going out thank god more battery radio let’s keep the 7 habits of highly eviscerated if you open the store i’m done just won’t go away

i should maybe he’s gone now they’re hardly leaves the battery up god damn he’s always here just won’t leave i still need to find a goddamn heat my cat really been another goddamn bathroom all got a note at least she’s gonna be popping out here a second like hey a demon were dizzy

little progress in their become on me i got to get that goddamn key okay maybe this is in progress phones mon and not open that door it’s not oh my god there’s the key shit go to hell out of here god damn it gogo shit don’t know work are you kidding me i gotta find my way out oh my god really

no didn’t go back in there god damn it really have much battery life let’s go goddamn it he’s here come on down there you go i didn’t shut this door shut i’m gonna die here i know it calcio ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod i get

much use it oh my god for fuck’s sake really oh my god willing to skip are you oh well now i’m stuck where go dumbass okay well that’s good that’s gonna be it for now guys i hope you guys have a wonderful time if you did smash that like button otherwise i will see you

guys in the next video like always

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