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they say you should visit your dentistfor a check-up every year. well the same goes for avisit to your adviser but it won’t be nearly as painful. an annual financial review with your adviser is important. since you last met things in your life might have changed. have you changed jobs? added a new family member? or bought a new house? all these things could have an impact on the financial strategy that you and your adviser put in place at your annual review your adviser will make sure that your current financial plan

still supports your financial goals and if it doesn’t they’ll work with youto get it back on track. you’ll also have an opportunity to askquestions. do you need help budgeting for next year’s family holiday? are you thinking about changing your super fund? or does your estate plan need to beupdated? your adviser can help with any questions you have when it comes to risk, cash flow, super, or estate planning. your adviser will contact you to arrange in annual review appointment but feel free to contact them

to book it in sooner. and just like your annual dental appointment takes care of your teeth your annual financial review can helptake care of your finances.

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