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(c) proplanx scrum artifacts – product backlog the product backlog contains the needs ofthe product owner who keeps it prioritized and current.among other things it contains features, enhancements and bug fixes the product owner maintains and orders thelist of requirements with the assistance of the team.the backlog is dynamic and may constantly evolve to accommodate for the customers changingbusiness needs, market conditions,or from inputs obtained through the sprint

review. the product backlog contains requested features,functions, defect fixes and enhancements each item in the product backlog can be describedby its attributes, which is the description,order and estimate the product backlog itself is ordered by value,risk, priority and necessity as determined by theproduct owner, with assistance from the development team. sprint backlog

sprint backlog shows work to be done and onlythe development team can make changes to it. recollect that during the sprint planningmeeting, a sprint backlog was generated.this contains work committed for the upcoming sprint,and consists of tasks and team assignments. thus it provides enough detail for trackingduring daily scrum. earlier we noted that once a sprint starts,no changes are allowed to the sprint backlog by the customer.on the other hand only the development team is allowed to update and make changes as required this backlog should be placed in a highlyvisible location so that all stakeholders

have a clear and real time picture of workdone. increment an increment is the sum of the outputs ofall the sprints and this must always be in a readily releasable state since the increment has to provide businessvalue, it must meet the "done" criteria,which would mean that it is a working product with completed functionality. we discuss what "done" means in a later chapter scrum remains flexible in the fact that thecustomer may terminate the project if they

recognize that enough business value has beenderived from this increment. visit http://www.proplanx.com

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