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## search for the best productreviews online. top products presents, our pick for the top5 hitch bike racks. for this review, we chose 5 brands known forquality hitch bike racks, showcasing a variety of options that are available. at the number 5 spot is the allen sports deluxe4-bike hitch mount rack chosen not only for its features, but also because of its budgetfriendly price tag. allen sports’ products have an establishedtradition of being extremely innovative, highly

functional, easy-to-use, and top-quality – unrivalledin the industry. the allen sports deluxe 4-bike hitch mountrack has a simple design, foldable 22-inch carry arms, patented tie-down system, andlifetime warranty coverage. this hitch bike rack can hold four bikes atonce and it’s made from sturdy steel with black powder coat finishing. because the bikes are packed closely together,they tend to make knocking noises once mounted, but this can be reduced by adding a stabilizeror anti-rattle. next on our list at number 4, is the yakimaproducts ridge back hitch bike rack yakima’s products are designed with usersin mind and proffer innovative solutions to

challenges faced in carrying their favoritegear on trips. the yakima products ridgeback hitch bike rackfeatures a zipstrip bike lock, upperhand easy storage lever, and anti-sway bike cradle. its tools-free speedknob ensures easy andsecure attachment to the hitch, and the patented tubetop system lets you carry bikes with varyingframe styles. one issue the rack has is that the verticaltube isn’t welded strongly onto the base and tends to bend with more than 2 bikes strappedon. the next product on our list was chosen becauseit is a great choice for people who are looking for a hitch bike rack with lots of bells andwhistles.

at number 3 we have the hollywood racks sportrider se hitch rack. hollywood racks produces simple, secure, andfully-assembled hitch bike racks for trailer hitches and pickup trucks. the hollywood racks sport rider se hitch rackis a heavy-duty rack featuring a keyed alike locking hitch pin system, and it easily foldsflat for safe storage. this hitch bike rack comes preassembled, andits 2-bike add-on kit lets you expand the unit to a 4-bike carrying rack. because this rack is heavy-duty, it may notwork well with minivans that have low-riding hitches, unless a hitch riser is installedtoo.

when choosing the right hitch bike rack foryour needs, topproducts knows that budget can be an important consideration and ournumber 2 pick, the swagman xc cross-country hitch rack takes the spot for best value. swagman is dedicated to the manufacture ofdurable and quality hitch bike racks that feature groundbreaking designs and functionalities. the swagman xc cross-country 2-bike hitchrack is lightweight, has adjustable and cushioned hooks, built-in anti-wobble hitch device,and a compact design. its adjustable and cushioned hooks ratchetdown for a tight and secure fit and the frame grip arms have protective, frame-friendlycoating.

overall it’s a great hitch rack and quiteeasy to assemble…even with the poorly written instruction manual. and finally, the thule doubletrack bike rackmade it to our top choice position because it provides a good array of features withan affordable price. thule is a renowned brand with products thatare top-notch, durable, and designed to suit your personality and adventurous spirit. the thule doubletrack bike rack has a loadcapacity of 2 bikes, reinforced wheel trays, foldable center mast, snug-tite receiver lock,and 2 secure lock cylinders. its reinforced wheel trays slide independentlyfrom each other to avoid bike-to-bike contact,

and its hitch switch lever quickly folds upthe rack for easy storage. one thing that might make this rack even better,is if the hook covers were a stronger material than rubber as they crack easily. these are our top 5 hitch bike racks. we hope you enjoyed watching our review. until next time, take care. click now to subscribe to our youtube channeland like this video. don’t forget to like our facebook page andvisit us at for more everyday product reviews.

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