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[intro music] >>jon: hi everyone it’s jon>>bin: and bin >>jon: if you are a huge equestria girls fanyou don’t want to miss this video because we are unveiling three of the all-new charactersfrom the upcoming equestria girl movie >>bin: friendship games >>jon: we have three of the girls here fromcrystal prep academy. >>bin: on team shadowbolt >>jon: obviously the rivals to the main sixwho are over at canterlot high on the wonderbolts so today we have […]

>>bin: lemon zest >>jon: we have the sporty style […] >>bin: of sour sweet >>jon: and at the end here on the right wehave […] >>bin: sunny flare >>jon: now sunny and lemon are from the schoolspirit collection, which was the same collection as pinkie pie and rarity, were in yesterday’svideo. >>bin: yes >>jon: and just like twilight it looks likesour sweet is also competing in the archery

event on the same team apparently. >>bin: yea. they’re teammates we’ll take a look at the back of lemon zest’spackage >>jon: it doesn’t give us much to go by asto what her character will be like in the movie. if you’re watching this in the futurethe movie is not out yet at the time of this recording. probably won’t be until the fall. it says "crystal prep academy" "school spirit[…] >>bin: "nothing but the best." so i thinkshe’s a little full of herself >>jon: here is sunny flare and on the backof the package […]

it says the same thing. but there is the cartoon version of sunnyflare and last but not least here’s sour sweet.with a name like sour sweet it makes me wonder if she’s the mean girl of the bunch shadowbolts logo on the side and her sportystyle says, "practice proper form!" and the event is archery once again not a lot of detail on these newcharacters >>bin: no. they’re not giving much out >>jon: now if you were curious how we gotthese so early […]

>>bin: we found these on amazon. >>jon: had these three in stockand the three that we reviewed yesterday in stock. they maybe sold out by now but we werelucky enough to get them. so we were alerted that these were in stockon amazon by our facebook fan taylor. so we can’t thank you enough. >>bin: yes! thank you taylor! all right let’s open these up! >>jon: so here we go. three of the shadowboltsout of the packaging. >>bin: yes. we have lemon zest. i love lemonzest’s hair.

check this out how cool is that? i hope you can see it okayon camera but how cool is it? all the different shades of green with a little bit of yellowin there. it’s so awesome! >>jon: she has the shadowbolt logo on herskirt because it’s school spirit. >>bin: she’s wearing a little vest. here is her cutie mark on her face. they looklike they’re little lemon circles but i don’t think that’s what they are. they look likeflowers too. >>jon: here is sunny flare. if you move themedal you can see the school spirit logo on her shirt as well.

if you scan these on your phone, there issupposed to be an app coming out but the app is not out yet we looked. >>bin: yea. it’s not out yet. >>jon: here’s a closer look at what she’swearing from head to toe. there is her cutie mark right there. she has a little sun anda big sun and a rain cloud for a cutie mark. >>bin: that’s an interesting cutie mark. >>bin: sour sweet! >>jon: last but not least we have sour sweetfrom the sporty style collection and her event is archery just like twilight sparkle fromthe shadowbolts that we reviewed yesterday.

she comes with a lot of the same accessoriesexcept she is set up to hold them in the other hand. >>bin: yes, so we can put the bow on her handand have the little guard there. put that on her hand, which is hard to dofrom this angle. >>jon: now she does not shoot the arrow butyou can pull it back a little bit. you can see us demonstrating it yesterday in the twilightvideo. >>bin: she’s ready to shoot her bow and arrow.well you don’t actually shoot the bow. (laughs) you shoot the arrow out of the bow.but you know, you get the idea. >>jon: as you can see from the way bin haspositioned her arm, you can bend her at the

elbows and at the knees >>bin: yes. >>jon: she has these leggings like twilight >>bin: yes, and the long-shirt combo liketwilight. >>jon: and she has a belt. yesterday twilight’sbelt fell off so we put it back on totally wrong. >>bin: yea. >>jon: there must be a million comments bynow. >>bin: probably.

>>jon: saying how we did it wrong but thisis how it’s supposed to look. >>bin: we think. >>jon: we think. [laughing] we are going to get a million more commentsnow telling us we were wrong this is how we have it set up right now butyou can also put it over her shoulder if you wanted to. >>bin: yea, like we did with twilight yesterday. and her cutie mark, i’m shooting the bow rightat the camera, is like a heart with a diamond

in it. isn’t her hair cool? it reminds me of princessleia but pink. i like her. i don’t know if she is a goodguy or a bad guy but i like her doll. i like all of them actually. >>jon: i was going to say which one is yourfavorite out of the three today but they all look pretty awesome. >>bin: i don’t know i like them all. i’m torn.i really like lemon zest because of the hair but i really like sour sweet. i don’t know,i don’t know. what do you think? >>jon: i’m not sure. sour sweet looks prettycool. so i think she’s my favorite. i wonder

if they are all friends. >>bin: i don’t know maybe. >>jon: i wonder if twilight is friends withthese ones. >>bin: i don’t know. these are the shadowboltsversion of the main six. >>jon: we’ll find out soon enough in a fewmonths anyways. this movie cannot come out soon enough by the way. >>bin: no. (laughs) >>jon: then we’ll know what we are talkingabout, for once. >>bin: (laughs) we’ll still get stuff wrong.

>>jon: down in the comments let us know whichone of these shadowbolt girls was your favorite if you liked this video be sure to subscribeto our channel >>bin: and like and comment >>jon: don’t forget to follow us on instagram>>bin: on facebook >>jon: and twitter. we’ll see you next timeeverybody >>bin: bye.

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