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welcome to nerium reviews dot com you’re here watching his videossay because you want to find out what’s going on with nerium international is it real does nearly made the work how to perhapsto use near emad and is a nerium international scam is near you scare methat’s a very valid question all hello my friend my name is terrypetrovick have been full time in the networking profession for about twenty years arm i’ve got massiveteams all over the world

and i’ve made millions of dollarshelping make millions of dollars have my own radio show on the whole businessradio network called straight talk you know whatbecause i he bs and i want you know that near %um ed in new international is not a scam isthe real deal in fact what attracted me to this business to learn more was i didn’t know it’s butanti-aging right now is growing over a billion dollars i’m of and you know what there’slive up there no question about it but

this is a website you can check out wheneveryone up with the link below call what better skin dot com and thebefore and after pictures here i think you’re really with me are absolutely amazing four days okay of five days there this product works on all skin types arm all age group people i’ve workedwith really been from probablyfifteen-years-old 88 years old is the real deal i’ve never seenanything that does

what this product in this technology cando in its all guaranteed to have a 30-day money-back guarantee meanie you can try the whole while a new remadyin a few harper said happy with what this product does you get all your money back you seethere’s no risk for you there’s no worries for any money andbecause this product works so well very few do we are tracking majorattention of people all over the us in fact allover the world everything from your celebrities to

people who’ve been in the spine and theesthetician profession for years and years to everyday people just like you and isaw what i watch understand is that near you is the realdeal here we’ve got two people you know doctor linndale wrote thebest-selling blockbuster book call the viron in biblephenomenal guy endorses use recommends near %um productyou made the product to everybody and then there’s maryland i’m in shewrote a best-selling book twenty five million copies sold

call fit for life got a new book calledyoung for life in marilyn is never endorse a the skin care line like nerium its unbelievable so on channel that nearyou is the real deal now were more than just the of i anti-aging company were about community as well now nerium international is the second largestcontributor to big brothers big sisters whose number one organization nike

so we’re only twenty-two months old inwar already the number two contributor to bigbrothers big sisters and you know when you’re part of acommunity there really reaches out makes a difference that matters is because the quality ofpeople that we track is very very high is like you slight me now we also work alot with teams you know here’s what we know is that our futureis our young people rhyme so we invest a lot during a big ripple for what we do now that’s really kind ofwhom your team is about but we started

based on an accidental discovery very much like plastic very much lifethe post and no very much like viagara it was anaccidental discovery made by nerium biotech now i’m not gonna go through all the scienceis everything but if you wanna see the science have neary in biotech we attract peoplelike doctor armed robber new all newman who is a scientific adviser actuallyworked with

andy anderson and you can learn allabout him and his credentials right here now there was also a are op panel if you will of seven doctorstalking about how safe is product is some people there’s a massive bloggersout there i’ll tell you when it comes to reviews you can’tbelieve everything you read on the internet or see on youtube up when it comes the hard sciences theseguys provide this is the safest best product you’ve ever seen in terms of turning black back the clock againhere’s another web site near houston

that come all believe me go check it out and doyour due diligence that were once you understand now here’s what i will also tell you isthat you’ll see that there are when you do a search ongoogle like this one called near yuma reviewsokay so i should look at what’s going on here you’ve got some people what you say that are probably doing things theyshouldn’t and anybody who actually sells

near him on our website like amazon dot com isdoing it illegally did you know then doingillegally and this guy here he’s not doing areview of near the mall is doing is pitchin people on their system on howto sell their network marketing are there in aland deal same thing this guy right here he’s just pitch in a system to makemoney got nothing to do with near him the onlyone that is valid years is one right %uh younger skin formula dot com thisguy’s got lots of great information you

should check their website out yourchance turned information but i wanna kindagive me a couple highlights near is breaking all records with veryfirst company to break a hundred milliondollars in their first year we did a hundred million dollars in ourfirst your business which 2012 as a result we got the ds and the direct selling news a war for30 nine hundred percent growth never beendone before everything near you is doing is breakingrecords why

because we do have a product that reallyreally work so here’s a here’s the new %um website ifyou wanna check it out on easy link is i join with terry dot com in fact mejust like that in right here you can kinda see what i’m doing joining with syria down there it is right therethis is actually the enrollment page home busy season for you to go toremember but just click on science right and you can see the research anddevelopment you can see the clinical trials you can see that safety videothat pointed out in a while ago the thing that really impressed meenough lot an esthetician i’ve never

been in skin care before i got involvedis i saw a phenomenal business opportunity anopportunity to create more free and more for more choice for myself and my familyand helped tens of thousands of other people do the same thing so you can go here and click on resultsyou can see the the gallery you can see the 90-day contest winners people actually everydays pretty cool every 90 days near youactually gives people as: 358 spa vacation

so if you want to you know check thathow you can register for their if you earn i if you have somebody who actually wins the contest they geton xfire vacation if you the person who introduced into you also get to go so i’ll just show youa to a couple of different photos hereagain great photos in terms of what this product works again there’s no risk you’re for anyway myfriend these are everyday people these pictures are takenwith camera phones not fancy at all

as you can see but the progress here i love people is pretty astounding i mean look at the resultshere this one is absolutely unbelievable and there arehundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of photos here here’s another one forsome ice all the songs like oh my god this is amazing so you can check that offers also isnear you may be a scam no is near you scan is near himinternational

offer of no it’s not it is the real dealso i’m actually log into my back of its own show you what you getting this is by farthe most comprehensive back office system if you’re looking fora business everything that you’d ever wanna know in terms of how do you manageyour business how do you place people who sasser’squalifying your customers everything you need is there you are ormore products or more products right their resourceswe’ve got every resource that you can you really possibly imagined in terms ofbeing able to

up build a successful business now clickon a noon communication center here because this is this isprobably worth ninety seven dollars a month in itself now technology is really cool when itworks for your so you’ll see here that we have videos articles emails thatyou can send that are business opportunity relatedproduct-related we have our real result party we have videos strange things in there but wannashow you here is the analytics in the metrics thatallows you to manage your business like

a business again if we you if if the room was inthe real the on hopefully this new number viewsthat are doing right now is going be self-evident that this is mostincredible thing you’ve ever seen but i have the ability to send emails topeople so here’s what i sent to debbie and you’ll see here is unopened nowhere’s another one then i said sheila now she’ll open did butshe didn’t really watch the video inside now here’s another one for marlene checkthis out she opened the email that you watched ahundred percent

video now here’s another one and sentthe sheila she opened it up she watched fivepercent it so you actually have the analytics in place to see whether or notsomebody goes to your arm website always theemail if it’s a video thing watched it or notor in this case if they completed a capture page now here wehave barack i’m see barbara walks fifty-eight percent or a harder and 22seconds of video accenture so you know how did we reach a hundred million dollars in ourfirst 12 months we had a proxy war

in we have a very simple systems andtools that allow you to you treat your business like a businesshere’s a capture page this is where people can actually enterinformation in its in a series of responders and you’ll notice here i’m indurham north carolina so this pic set the ip address whereveryour computer is is gonna put the the city and statethere it’s amazing these guys are on it never seen anythinglike it now this is a website that has no businessinformation on jobs product information it talks aboutthe signs the accidents coverage

its unbelievable so i’ll i just want toknow that when you’re when you’re looking atmiriam reviews an hour if you’re looking at how doesnear you work it done us and the evidence isthere check out his website here near removeuse network dot com if you wanna learn more if you wanna reach me here’s my phonenumbers toll-free immunity hundred-number call me anytime you want i’m very successful inthis business

i’m bill teams are 38,000 people ontwenty three different countries and i’m committed and passionate to helpyou create more freedom and more choice your life my name isterry patrick remember this my friend we’re in thistogether make it better than terrific day toxin bye for now he got stuck fireballfrom passion fire not comin home is radio network got com and i’m here right now to talk talk toyou about terry patrick terry patrick is one of those rarepeople

that are really truly believe doeseverything amazing we’re putting together homebusiness radio network i talked to terry about a show and iknew he was gonna be good but every single show he’s done over the last 18months has been unbelievably quality but more importantly the training hasbeen amazing and he’s a quadruple threat he does alli need is offline leaders leadership development he does personal development any does everything really well that’srare to find folks in this profession

not been enough 27 years i can honestlysay that if you are looking for somebody to really really truly learn from i’mtalkin love the the true for leaders in our professionthe terry patrick our cannot recommend anymore meanie higher imean disguise the real deal in an in a profession folks that’sreally hard to find so i would recommend teary listening toin watching him anything that he says here’s my advice:get a pm get a piece of paper and starr ridingdown those golden nuggets because you gonna have a

handful by the time that you finishedhe’s that good thank you guys god bless you

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