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– today i’m gonna put the red copper mug against the yeti tumbler. hello, you guys, and welcomeback to another vivian tries. today i have for you another,another copper product. this time, though, it’snot something to cook with. it’s something to drink with. dah-de-de-dah! there it is, red copper mug. i don’t know how i feel about this.

the red copper was a non-stick pan. now they’ve morphed it into a, it’s not a non-stick cup, i was gonna say it’s a non-stick cup. it’s not a non-stick cup. they’re just gonna keeppumping products out and just slapping onthis copper spray paint, and then just saying it’scopper, whatever the hell. it’s a ceramic-lined cup.

and i thought, how am i gonna test this. because it claims that it can hold hot drinks for eight hours, and cold drinks for 12. we know that there are50,000 of those tumblers going around, that is a hot thing now. and this red copper company decided that they’re just gonna jumpon that bandwagon, as well. so, i thought how am i gonna test this cup

besides put it in the fridge or leave a hot drinkin it for eight hours. i thought let’s put itup against the company that started this whole craze. and that is the yeti cup. so, today, i’m gonnaput the red copper mug tumbler against tumbler. ding-ding-ding. this guy is $35.00 i think i paid for him.

this guy was $19.99. what do you guys think? to be honest, i’m noteven sure about this guy. how am i gonna test both of these guys? i have this little thermometer where i can stick it in the liquid and we’re gonna keeptrack of the temperature in both of the cups. i’m gonna fill both of the cups

with boiling hot water. i’m going to check the temperature. before we begin i’m gonnaput them in the refrigerator to kind of speed the cooling process, and then i’m gonna checkback in about 30 minutes so that we can see whichone cooled down faster. and did you know thatwalmart does not sell yeti? they’re not allowed, i did not know that. yeti’s too good for walmart.

alright, let’s open thisguy, see what’s inside. why does the bottom screw on? why is the bottom like that? oh, it’s like a suction. when i zoom in, we’ll test that part. it says it will not tumble over. here are the claimsfrom the red copper mug: leak-resistant lid, we’ll test that; insulated double-wall construction,

we’re gonna test that; topple-proof mug, we’re gonna test that;top rack dishwasher safe, we’re not gonna test that. nobody’s got time for that right now. now the yeti cup, we’re just testing it for temperature because this $30 yeti cup does not give me all that. it just says it’s gonna keep your product hot or cold, that’s it.

is it worth it? after i feel it withthis hot, boiling water, i’m gonna put it in thefreezer for 30 minutes. then we’ll check back to see which one has cooled down faster. so now let’s zoom in so you guys can see me filling thesecups with the boiling water and checking the temperature. okay, let me put my favorite gloves on

because there is hot waterin front of me in a pan. there is your yeti cup andhere is the red copper, that’s what they look like. one is way taller than the other, which i don’t get because this one is a 20-ounce and this is a 16-ounce. but you can see at the bottom the yeti doesn’t have like this little suction, which is really cool.

so it like locks into placeso you can’t tumble it over? i think that’s pretty cool. see, look. impressive. look, see, it won’t tumble over. look at this one. yeah, yeti, no. that is cool. okay, i’m already sold on this guy.

look, impressive. i can do this all, okay, nevermind, don’t do it that hard. and remember the yeti,it’s not leak-proof, this one is leak-proof. that’s what they claim but, obviously, the yeti is not leak-proofbecause there’s holes in it. ready? here we go.

here’s the first one, our yeti. pretend that’s coffee. the second one, okay. a little bit more, i’m gonna fill them up. water’s going everywhere, okay. so now, first one, temperature reads at, i think you gotta give it acouple seconds, don’t you. okay, holding steady at 194. second one.

194, perfect, holding steady there, cool. seal them up. both have been sealed, boom, boom. okay, alright, sealed, sealed. okay, i can’t feel the heat at all. good, good, okay. now, we’re gonna put them inthe freezer for 30 minutes. then we’ll check back andcheck the temperatures again. alright, so i left themfor a little bit longer.

i left them for one hour in the freezer instead of the 30 minutes i said. alright, here we go. i’m gonna take it off, okay, there we go. oohh, did you see thesteam come out of that one? let’s check the temperature. what do we have, what do we have? it’s been in the freezer for one hour and we’re still at 162holding steady, beautiful.

okay, let’s check the yeti. ha ha, let’s see if this yetiis really worth the money. alright, yeti holding steady at 162. i’m impressed with the red copper mug. i’m very impressed. it held up to the $35 yeti cup that is hyped up so muchand it is so expensive. and they don’t even sell itat walmart, what the hell? alright, you guys, so i am so impressed

with the red copper products. not just this red copper cup, but also the red copper pan that youguys know i absolutely love. it’s leak-proof and, not only that, the temperature kept upwith this hyped-up yeti cup. temperature in both cupswas absolutely the same. this one is totally worth money. alright, you guys, that isit for another vivian tries. i hope that you have enjoyed this video.

i’ll see you guys in the next one. bye.

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