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welcome everybody this is my first timetag ever and i’m super super excited it is all about lip products what you like what you don’t like and i’ve never done this before so thisis really exciting megan rose started the tag and if you don’t follow her she’s underneath in the information bar below the first product is your favorite balm treatment or/ treatment and i have to say i am actually just like megan i love burt’s bees the original formula i’m actually allergic to canphor which is found in a lot

of lip products. it is c.a.m.p.h.o.r? i think? and and so this is just the one i stick with because it does not have that ingredient in the lip balm but i really like it the smell and it does great job and i’m probably never going to switch so this one i really was having a hardtime with because i really don’t wear that many reds. i had to wear them in high schoolwhen we’re performing in color guard, dance and just kinda got burned out because thewhole team had use get the same

number lipstick and it really didn’tmatter what your skin type was or what color it was so and everything that goes into picking the perfect for you i never could find one that i just absolutly fell inlove with so i’m gonna skip the eye-catching red because i am still onthe hunt for one don’t know what it yet, i will do an update on this one i just, i’m still on that hunt girls i justdon’t know what the best red is for me

so for best luxury and best drugstorebrand i have just really been cutting back ongetting lip products recently because my bracesmy braces are actually clear and so are the rubberbands so everytime every time a wear a reallydeep color or anything outside of a nuetral base it gets caught in my braces and it just looks gross i can’t get it out it gets really embarassing so lately i just have not been refilling or going and seeking out lip products right now but for me luxury is my go to the maccounter i know that sounds crazy and

there’s always amazing brands out there but i am one of those people backbecause my allergies because a different things when i find something ijust stick to it andit kinda gets holy grail status and so because of that, i am going to skip down to the next one which is your best mac lipstick funny story my husband wastrying to help me out and do the laundry one day and i have a bad habit of sticking my lip stck in mypocket if him and i go somewhere together cuz itry not to carry a purse

i just stick my lipstick/lipgloss in my pocket and just go on well he was super sweet did thelaundry did not check the pockets out myabsolute favorite lip product was washed in the washing machine anddryer and i just sobbed and cried no i’m just kidding! it really was a funnystory because everything in that load of laundry became blood red it was just such a funny story because it was sosweet trying to help me but my favorite maclipstick is the

vivan la glam line, which is number vi and because it has been washed i do not have it to show you so i pulled a picture and you can see here inits just a really nice warm pink almost maroon color that can be worn by itself it can be overlayered with a liner in has a little bit of shimmer to it i am all about shimmer and glosses so i really tend to leans towards those so that is my holy grail status lip product mac viva la glam vi

most disappointing lip product that i have ever bought i cant belive i still have this andits kinda my it’s a reminder not to ever get thisever again and i hate to say it because i was really really looking forward to getting a long wearlip color that i can just touch up though the day and not worry about applying all of my lip liner and lipstick and gloss every time i eat or something like that and it is the maybellean stay super 24 color

and it is a two end applicator i ipicked like this maroon color than you can put on and then over top of that go to the other end once it dries and you can put on the gloss that goes over top for shine and actually is really great color andit’s a great pigment just my after wearing it for one night my lips started to peel they felt like they are cracking all nighti constantly had to have this around

to reapply to my lips and is reallywas not thrilled with this product at all just becuase of how it made my lips feel so sorry is notmy favorite i am not ever going to be repurchasing it and thats why i still have it around as a reminder liner? yes or no? yes. yes yes yes! i love my lipliners there are two that i go to. one is a regular lip liner one is a long wear lip liner both of which are by mac. the first one was with the lipstick that got washed in the washing machine and dried

so i have a picture of it and it is right here the lipliner that ilike from mac is called portside it is a great color it blend really well with my viva la glam lipstick i think you guys will be pleased with it if you put the two together you will see with a i mean. it is a great day wear great switch into evening you can really dress it up or dress it down and it just goes well all together my v just fell! it is just a beautiful color i wear it everyday i put the liner on fill in my lips a little bit and then

ill put the lipstick over that and top it with the gloss which i will tell you about in just second but if i’m going for a longer wear i go to be my mac morning coffee lipliner and it is just gorgeous! i really love its just its maroon and brown at the sametime she can make it more red or more neautral and it works either way i actually have it on today i put a more dramatic line around my lips then did a gradual fade in instead of coloring my entire lip i am not going to be wearing it very long today

so definetly liners i love them and all of my liners are from mac highly recommend those two colors i have two favorite glosses one is a mac and one is an urban decay the reason i like them is because again they can worn by themselves or in combination this "v"will not stay at up! i did this whole new background irealized i just miss my big comfy chair and i do not want to film in the other room anymore it has a big white wall which i cant seem to decorate the way i want too so thats why this is here and i made these they are fantastic

i did them with yarn, i will do a diy with them later, but that’s not what we are talking about so the best lipgloss that i have are are the viva la glam lipgloss vi and all of that you and find at th mac counter in it looks like this and then my secondfavorite which it’s funny and i didnt realize i was looking for a lipgloss when i was at ulta when i found this during christmas i can’t find any more so if you know where to get let me know, i have looked everywhere i have googled it, i dont know if i am typing it in wrong what the problem is but is the urbandecay

stardust sparkling lipgloss and i love it i think it’s great it’s just its nuedbut has some shimmer to it so you can use it by itself or ontop of something and since i have had my braces i am wearing a lot of nueds instead of maroons i go for this all the time the bad part is the top does get messy i have cleaned this 4 or 5 times and i just cannot get this to stay clean so if you have any tips for that let me know because i really doenjoy this lipgloss and i dont want to lose it just because it gets messy it get on my purse

so i dont keep it around as much as i would like to but if you have not tried it it’s great and the color is andrameda you feel like a star which is the perfect name because the name of this lipgloss is stardust thats all i have for the lip product tag i hope you guys enjoyed it i hope you found it useful if you like this video give me a thumbs up make sure to subscribe if you haven’t and i will see you next time!

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