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what is up ya’ll? i’m here at the vegas strip right by the linq about to meet up with my co worker alright, we’re at the linq yo what’s up? it’s the co worker manny right here manny: this is the only way you get to see me hey man

hey, do you like my new shoes man? oh damn, they’re lit man! what are those? do you know how much they cost me? they’re addidas $180 damn what a baller, i wish i could be a baller like you dude no, im not a baller man you got a really good parking spot man

thanks man i worked so hard on it i thought they were going to beat me to it aye, we’re gonna go to h & m alright? it’s in caesars palace hellooo isn’t this a handicapped parking spot? no there’s no handicapped here

alright, you’re good you’re good man, you’re good it’s 45 degrees right now. freaken cold! so i’ve lost manny because he was in such a hurry to go to h & m and then when he got to the third floor, i couldn’t find him so right now i’m trying to hit up alberto, my other co worker, and try to see if he’ll come over and hang out so i guess i’m about to go meet up with alberto right now he’s at caesars palace

i’m gonna go meet him up at the entrance guess who’s here? alberto what’s up man? alberto, you’re walking to fast! oh sh*t, he’s right here alberto: he’s pretty there goes your twin man so manny so going to see how many "hi’s"

he’s going to see how many hi’s he can get from girls like, random hi’s you know, like "hi!" okay? me vs you? no, i’m not doing it what?! that’s so many hi’s we can get hi five!

that’s one not when i’m drunk alright, we gotta come back when you’re drunk hi that was fail, that was fail that’s 3 she didn’t even say it back she doesn’t have to say it back that guy is always at the same place

alberto’s going to talk to her i don’t know what’s he doing manny: my turn all he did was probably asked for directions right? what’cha do? she f*cken sucks! alberto: she’s lit she’s what? she’s lit?

she’s lit hey man, you’re missing a shoe what’s that man? drinking your weed drink man? it’s not really that girlie if it has shots in it right? should have added another one man nah, you just need 2 that seems like the type of drink manny would actually like oh shit, this is actually good

hey this is good you keep that one poor beer me and alberto took a sip of that beer and it taste disgusting what kind of beer is it? goose ipa tastes like expired mint or something if you guys ever

want to try a beer, don’t ever get this one there goes manny, he’s like he tapped out, he doesn’t want to drink anymore because it’s disgusting *alberto trying to pick up girls* manny: albertos spitting game rejected already what?! what??

manny, you got rejected? huh? you got rejected run run finish the most delicious beer in the whole world hey, drink that sh*t put some of that sh*t in here, right now pour some alright, i’ll put some and you better drink it

alright, i’ll chug it. the whole thing i promise, i swear to god. i’ll put it on my next paycheck oh shit my next paycheck alright? it still taste like sh*t how does it taste? good? *burp* that’s how it tastes if he runs around like a maniac then it’s your fault nah, this is the only thing he drank

oh yeah, you gotta finish this too man no that’s… *almost barfs?!* so many ran off he got drunk with one beer, one freaken beer and he’s drunk where is he right now? you don’t know? he’s telling manny to sober up and drive safe so we’re gonna call it a night

see you later guys

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