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this is the nikon d5600 came with the lens kit af-p 18-55 mm this is the new version of af-p it is different from the old version in d5500 which is still using the af-s this product is sold by nikon malaysia therefore the warranty is provided by nikon malaysia okay lets open it here we have the user manual there are 3 languages, english, indonesian, and vietnamese

this product is manufactured in thailand nikon has been manufacturing most of its product in thailand these days one of the most important piece is the warranty here we have worldwide warranty for the lens for the lens it’s covered under international warranty, can be claim in any country as for the camera its covered under country of origin, since this is bought in malaysia can only be claimed in malaysia it is important to ensure that the name of the official distributor written on the distributor column on warranty card for indonesia maybe indonesia (or different distributor) therefore if its not from the official distributor we are unable to claim to nikon directly or to sign up to nikon club to get many benefits such as free gift

if you buy imported product with seller warranty its normally cheaper. it comes down to your personal preference (cheaper vs expensive with more benefits) inside the box there is the strap actually the strap has already been set up in the shop earlier because its a little bit complicated for me (lazy lol) here is the charger and also this is the adapter charger. can be used in indonesia too bad in malaysia we need to add different adapter since the plug heads is different and here is the battery according to the shop assistant, nikon d5600 can only use the original nikon battery at the moment

and here is the lens the lens is af-p 18-55 mm vr there is a button on this side if you want to activate the lens you need to press this button and then twist to the side, which make the lens a little bit shorter and the last one is the body this is the body it is quite thin very light relatively smaller compared to other dslrs

here is the display at the back can be close for protection and you can open it to be use and you can flip this way can be use for selfie as well if you would like to record your own video you would know if you are out of frame and to ensure we are still in focus as an example is camera that i’m using right now, sorry because there is no display in front i am unable to see if i’m out of frame or not in focus for live view you need to pull the button to your side here we have the hdmi output

memory card slot is on the side of the camera already inserted just now for battery slot is still under the body we have function button here and for flash this camera has built in flash as well for built in microphone it is stereo microphone thats pretty much it one more tips to ensure you can claim nikon warranty make sure that serial numbe written at the bottom here match with the serial number on warranty card

okay, thats it! the unboxing of nikon d5600 today thank you for watching have a great day!

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