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so i wanna make sure that we’ve got this establishedthat i recognize this entire conversation is kind of ridiculous. hi y’all, it’s jillian!and allie! and welcome to episode 3 of season 2 of the code police! woooo code police! okay,so, the other day me and allie were arguing? talking? i mean, discussing, about wearables. um, like, not not the useful kind that tell the time but the kind thatthey cost a lot of money and they try to do all kinds of other things for you. i thinkthey tell the time too, right? they do also tell the time! okay, that is one of the primaryfeatures. this video is about smart watches. that’s right! that’s what we’re talking abouthere on the code police. and i’m actually usually on the losing end of our discussionsbecause i’ve never used one and i don’t really

plan to. mostly because well, they’re expensive.first of all, like they’re as much as my phone. you’re looking at three hundred dollars fora watch, and my wrists are really tiny, and i just don’t really wear watches. well, theycome with the buckles with the little, you can adjust it.. the buckles might be smaller,but the watch itself is bigger than my wrist. okay, that’s an absolutely fair point. althoughi’m really glad that the apple watch comes in two sizes. i was super glad to see that.okay, so what’s the point, jillian? like i don’t really get it. like you have a phonealready, why like is it that inconvenient to pull the phone out of your pocket likewhy do i have to? yes. yes. okay, okay. so i think for this entire discussion, firstwe need a disclaimer that um this entire discussion

is a giant first world problem. so what i’mabout to say should just, i’m sorry. i’m really sorry. but yes, it is a pain. every time idon’t know if i have a notification and i want to check my phone i pull it out of mypocket, i turn on my screen, which kills my battery, because i’m checking my phone constantly.and yeah i don’t know if i have a notification. and i’m sorry! i know, it’s bad. it’s terrible.this is not like a real issue. ummmm. really. i mean we’re talking about something thatif i were to buy an apple watch, the one that i want, if i were to buy one, which i’m actuallynot going to for the first generation, costs $700. oh my god. and it is a glorified notificationcenter that tells me the time. i mean, then why do people have them? so many people havethem know, like there’s android ones, there’s

an iphone one, what’s the, why? absolutely,yeah. um. um. what i’ve heard from most people is that the notification thing it really doeshelp them stay off their phone. it lets them know just what they need to know and whetheror not they need to actually attend to it without pulling their phone out. um, it’smore of just like a nudge. just like hey. it is interesting because supposedly it’ssupposed to feel like a tap on the wrist, instead of an actual vibration. there’s nolike rrrrr rrrrr. cause i’m tired of that. okay, so, really, sell it to me. what is themain reason i should have an apple watch if i were to get one? well, first of all, youhave an android phone, so you should buy an android wear watch. right. obviously, becausethat’s all you can do. well they have to hook

up to the phones, don’t they? they don’t workwithout a phone. you can’t do much with it without your phone. okay. you wouldn’t wantto do it, you want to get your text messages on it, you wanna get your email on it. andsame with my iphone, uh, you can’t do that much without going to your iphone. you wannause siri. so it’s a two device system. it’s a two device system yeah, it’s an extensionof your phone. so as an extension of your phone, you only wanna buy it if you have theextra money. i think that’s probably the only case where you should be buying one of theseat this point. if you have money to blow? yeah, if you’ve got money to blow on it. ifyou saved up for one and you love it, i think that’s awesome. it’s super cool, it’s reallycool technology. it’s buying two phones for

me. you know, one of them technically is easierto look at. but i don’t think that convenience is worth $300. to me. or more, or $700. ithink $300 would have to mean less to you first. yes, okay, once $300 is pocket changeto us, maybe then. exactly. and now if $5,000 is pocket change to you, then you’re set.then you’re totally set! you can get the gold version of the apple watch. yeah absolutely,you can replace your rolex or you know whatever, whatever it is that you fancy people wear.and you can be a complete baller and replace it in a year. well do you think that peoplereally just do throw a lot of money at tech though these days? like is it just seen nowas a common practice? i mean it’s new tech, like tech is huge. yeah absolutely, like everyone’sgotta have your latest iphone, your macbooks,

i think it was a really smart move of appleto start their luxury side of it, especially if they’re gonna go for a watch. it’s like,high end watches are such a status symbol that they were never going to get a $300 watchon some people’s wrists. okay. and so it was the only way they could do it. and it’s apretty large debate on whether or not they should have done it, we could probably doa whole video on it. this is our video on it. oh, this is our video on it. but um ithink it was a smart move for them, if they want to get their watches on the wrists ofthe rich and famous, they’ve gotta have a $8,000 watch, that’s just how it is. and they’rekind of beautiful. do any of you have a smart watch? what do you think about it? is it anapple vs android sort of situation again,

or are watches just a big waste of time ingeneral? let us know below! yeah, let us know.

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