Batman Vs Superman Review

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full english subtitles available on previous episode. today is my payday, what would you like me to bring you home? i would like some steamed buns. is that so? well, i’ll buy you one big steamed buns later ! yay ! i’ll wait for you later.. you are a fool, you will not leave this place alive. forgive me my daughter.. farewell that was an incredible speed, how did you do it? thanks for saving me, friend.

are you a superhero or something? what’s your name? just call me a "friend".. what you need to do now is get out of here. this place is too dangerous, let me handle this guy. well you have our thanks, be careful that guy’s dangerous. okay guys, let’s go. how are they able to see me? i’m sure no one can see me with my incredible speed.. maybe some of my powers were reduced when i escaped that other dimension. hey, who are you to meddle with me? you will pay for this. i’m floating and i can’t move..

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