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okay guys, right now i’m uploading my tea taste test and when i was editing the video (youhave to name it) and i swear to god i spelled tea right and if you’re not a kpop fan you won’tget this reference, but i accidentally spelt tea wrong because i get tea and tae from taemin of shinee mixed up and i put a tae test video if i was tastingtaemin why would i put it on the internet imean… if taemin wants me to taste him then *weird noises* that’s for me to know and… you know hey but i was tasting tea and i was like iknow the e go before the a but i put

the a before the e like my fingers weregoing before my brain and like lee taemin i mean if you want me to taste you i’m right here hello?! it’s so sad!!i’m very like … i sent my best friend some videos because taemin’s her ultimate bias and i’ll put those in this video even though i pretty much just said one of the videos butlike eehh…lee taemin i don’t want to feel like an idiot formaking a tae taste test *crying noises* love you taemin! love you other shineemembers! kibum, minho… and jonghyun, and onew and taemin!!!! i am 100% shawol

and i do love other groups though but shinee is my ultimate bias! i even have a whitepair of pants that i went to the big fan meet in in chicago and wrote shinee is myultimate bias in case i got to meet them and they might of loved me so ifanybody else spells tae and tea like they get the a & e’s mixed up if you do it please comment below annyeong~~~ okay i made this taste test and it was atea taste test and i always get tae and tea mixed up when i’m typing… i accidentally put tae taste test

and if i tasted tae i meannobody else will be watching the review giiirrllll!!!! i mean if i tasted tae …like …uhhhh….tae…uhm… i don’t remember it happening… it needsto happen again because like honestly if i look like this and it mademe vomit as much of those teas made me vomit then i feel really bad aboutthis tae taste test that happen and i don’t know if i should put this onlinei mean i can’t do this to taemin!!! 🙁

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