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he was remarkably gifted there’s nodoubt about that i’m sure if uh… he’d never been touched bycoaching he would have been one of the fastest people in the world as it happened though he had two very goodcoaches from a very young age who nurtured his talents who honed histalents who made him as good as he could be uh… he had a coach named charles riley who discoveredhim when he was basically in elementary school who coached him through junior highschool and high school uh…

who taught him the fundamentals of runningquickly and he had a coach in college larry snyderwho also got the most out of him but owens was as i think i indicated earlier one of thefastest men in the world when he got out of high school and in fact his first couple of years incollege he didn’t improve that much because he wasalready so good there wasn’t that much room for improvement and he wasn’t he he was so fast

but he wasn’t a natural hurdler for instance he wasn’t uh… he set a world record in thehurdles because he was so fast but he had no hurdling technique uh… he wasn’t a good starter he was slow out of the blocks thefastest runner ever uh… so it was more it was more of a natural gift than iwould say any

any remarkable uh… uh ability to conquer the minutiae of running i would say though that while he wasactually running in motion he perfected his form this excerpt is brought to you by themassachusetts school of law 0:01:47.600,0:01:48.770

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