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this video game threw everything i knew aboutamerican history out the window. i knew that what they teach in the high schools was falsifiedinformation, prettied up for a mass audience. they brainwashed us. but this game dared tocome out with the real story behind american colonization and the disappearance of theroanoke colony. it all happened on mars. this is jamestown: legend of the lost colony.i guess an explanation is in order following that over dramatic intro…so jamestown: legendof the lost colony is an awesome vertical shoot ’em up. its alternate history premiseand fantastic art design only enhance the intense, bullet hell action, but they alsoserve as the immediate reasons to take notice. in jamestown’s version of history, british,french, and spanish colonization is underway

on mars in the 1600s. and that’s awesome.the actual plot is less amazing, but still serves its purpose, and the premise sets upthe brilliant aesthetic of the game. the pixel art displays the setting and futuristic yetantique imagery beautifully, and the driving soundtrack serves to intensify the bullethell action. so yeah, i would call this bullet hell. buti could be totally off base with that assumption because i barely play shmups, as i much asi like to say the unnecessarily abbreviated name for the genre. galaga and a few of themany shooters of the early 90s make up my whole experience, so as expected, i’m terribleat a game such as jamestown. while beating the game requires you to play (or replay inmy case) the extremely short campaign on the

hardest difficulty, the game isn’t too hardin the main story mode. there’s some challenge in the later levels, but nothing too, that honor goes to the optional challenges. luckily, these causes of extreme hair lossare optional, but if you like to hate yourself, the in-game points and currency necessaryto unlock them act as a reason to replay levels. that being said, while very difficult, numeroustries eventually yield positive results, and the satisfaction of beating an extremely challengingchallenge is worth it. speaking of satisfaction, high scores! as you would expect, jamestownfeatures a score system, and seeking that high score on the online leaderboard is anappealing goal…to some. in addition, accruing the point drops of destroyed enemies contributesto your vaunt meter, which upon deploying,

acts as a temporary shield and a less temporaryincreased score and damage multiplier, which is dependent on picking up more of those…arethose gears? they look like gears. jamestown: legend of the lost colony offersa very short campaign if played on the right difficulty from the beginning, but its optionalchallenges, unique premise, appealing art, and awesome soundtrack override that addition, the game features a local multiplayer mode and radically different ship types tochoose from. overall, the game offers intense and satisfying action, and that’s fun. justdon’t let the fun convince you that this is real history.

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