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hey friends what have we here we have some old comic books that i’m just going to pull out at random and talk about let’s check it out first issue new mutants 87 second print this was the first appearance of cable and i had missed the first print of it but even when the first month he was out you knew this character was getting to talk of the industry hulk

340 oh i bought this growing up on the newsstand classic cover of the hulk reflection in wolverines claws classic fight by macfarlane a cover that has been emulated by many artists ever since a double pair hard case full foil hologram cover and prime full foil hologram cover to my knowledge ultraverse was the only one to ever do a

gimmick that was full oil hologram i mean the complete cover everything on the front is a hologram image maybe i’m wrong but this is the first time i could recall the industry and i don’t think anyone’s copied the idea ever since the complete cover as a hologram violent messiahs number one you know i always thought that the character citizen pain

had such potential and i followed the first story i thought for the first year was pretty good but then on the second series they dropped the ball the story line wasn’t about him and i really thought this character in the book had potential and it’s not published anymore and i think they the makers squandered a great opportunity because they they put

the focus not on him but on other characters and that was a complete miss step x-factor number one very first x-factor issue with the original x-men 1980s book marvels number one alex ross was put even though he didn’t start career-wise with this storyline just put him on the map and he’s been a popular artist ever

since this was the story that made him famous with the community was that marvels look haunted number two i got number one somewhere not in this box mcfarlane’s other creation other than spawn with kirkman i think they dropped the ball on this character it had potential but it never seemed to really take off

i think they focused on espionage when it should have been more of a horror character and that was why could have been better i think kirkman not everything he does is gold even though he did the walking dead amazing spider-man 500 issue 500 classic j scott campbell cover back when marvel cared about numbering than

they did all these reissue and renumber gimmicks that no one ever likes seriously spider-girl first issue 1990s it started out great the first couple of years mc2 universe it has such potential problem is when you have these alternate universes after you build it up a couple of years it’s like it loses the point because fans want to read the real

universe at marvel the standard universe and not all of these alternate timelines and that’s when a book just loses it you know loses what it what made it special sometimes being limited actually works in your favor than unlimited but a good character these are not popular in the

industry anymore but remember they used to call these thing ash cans editions they were like mini like preview editions before an official comic see if this is an official comic you can see spider-girl the ashcan is a very small very very limited page count this is before the internet and i think the internet kind of ruined this idea secret

invasion issue one-shot secret invasion was just a storyline that had potential but just went on too long and it got too messy with so much being involved that didn’t need to happen youngblood number zero no matter what is made of the youngblood property now it will never have the fan interest like it did back in the early 1990s when it started but it

never really amounted to much as a series despite all the reboots fans are just it’ll never be as popular again dc universe $0.50 issue one of those massive storylines captain america number 25 the end of the civil war classic storyline in the comics a needless book on wonder man seriously

thunderbolts the original idea was good but i should have been limited you know as soon as you try to make that original idea a regular series it just lost its popularity and so that’s comic reviews here let me know if you want to see more these type of videos thanks for watching

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