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spear of destiny is kind of an interestinggame. its technical title bears no reference to the series which it is a part of; thatbeing, uh, wolfenstein, but of course, all promotions and most mentions of the titleinclude the wolfenstein 3d prefix. with that in mind, i thought spear of destiny was anexpansion to the original, groundbreaking wolfenstein 3d, especially considering thefact that it came out the same year. but nope, spear of destiny is the full-blown sequelto wolfenstein 3d, bringing all-n�well, all the same stuff.wait, did i say sequel? because spear of destiny is a prequel. sure, it was the next game releasedin the series, but the plot of spear of destiny follows hero b.j. blazkowicz before the downfallof mecha-hitler as he attempts to recover

the titular artifact, stolen by the nazisfrom the french. and while spear of destiny is technically its own game, it certainlyfeels like an expansion. the game uses all of the same assets as wolfenstein 3d. thesame enemies, weapons, textures, and designs are here, with few additions. those few additionsreally only come in the form of the new, admittedly awesome and vicious bosses, but honestly,there�s nothing about spear of destiny that separates itself from its much more famouspredecessor, at least from a glance. i say from a glance, because spear of destinyis obviously a different game. these are all-new levels�well, from wolfenstein 3d. the gameis 21 years old! but, anyways, yes, upon playing, spear of destiny offers its own unique, specificchallenges, but generally, the game plays

exactly like wolfenstein 3d. maintaining favorablelevels of health and ammo still offers nerve-wracking fun, and the general feel of shooting oneof the few guns is satisfying. accruing enough points in order to bolster your number ofvaluable lives is supplemented by the joy of finding treasures and secret areas. findingthose secret areas in the confusing mazes characteristic of many early id shooters isan entirely different, optional challenge all in itself, but spear of destiny actuallytones down the confusion by simplifying its level designs somewhat. or maybe i�ve justgotten smarter since last playing wolfenstein 3d!…no, no, that�s not possible. theymust have just made it easier. i know that i�ve been comparing spear ofdestiny to wolfenstein 3d a lot. but, honestly,

there�s not much to say about spear of destinythat hasn�t been said about the game that really jump started the first-person shootergenre. everything about that game is translated to spear of destiny, from the indistinguishabledeath screams of nazis to the feel of shooting the insane chain gun to nostalgia-ridden dosmusic and graphics. and while its famous predecessor has received numerous ports, spear of destinyhas mostly remained in the depths of dos gaming. however, the game has now found its way ontosteam, dos emulator and all. if you love wolfenstein 3d, you�ll definitely love all of the sameaspects in spear of destiny. if wolfenstein�s never really been your thing, spear of destinyisn�t going to do anything to change your mind.

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