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ok, so we’re traveling to vashon island today to try to pick some stinging nettles vashon island seems to be pretty well covered in nettles so we should be able to pick everything we need fairly quickly we’re trying to pick enough to brew for our seasonal stinging nettle ale which is kind of a signature beer we make every spring and it’s kind of cool because it is a plant that’s very common back in the uk where i’m from and where our beers are kind of inspired by but it’s very common out here in the northwest as well

stinging nettles have been used as a herbal addition to beer for hundreds of years probably before even the introduction of hops in the uk they’re obviously not so much usedanymore but our version of beer is kind of a mix between modern beer styles and using a very traditional ingredient as an extra addition. all of our beers are cask conditionedconditioned so cask conditioned beer is a very traditional almost old world style that’s still very common in the uk and is the kind of beer i grew up drinking and started making back in the uk

it’s not so common over here where people they used to verycold, forced-carbonated beers whether it’s, you know, budweiser style beer or craft beer but the cask-conditioned beer is naturallycarbonated so it has a very smooth carbonation it’s served slightly warmer than people are used to here so it’s around fifty degrees or ‘cellar temperature’ and all of these things allow the beer to express more of the balanced nuanced flavours, so i think this stinging nettle ale will

really suit the cask conditioning process that we use it tends to really bring out the interestingsubtle flavours in the beer and the spiciness ofthe nettles should really come out and be at the forefront of the beer this way… so we’re picking the nettles today and brewing the beer on the same day and it will then ferment for probably between three and four days before we barrel it up, seal it upin the casks and let it finish conditioning and it should be ready in about another10 days after that so in about two weeks hopefully we’ll

have a good batch that we can start drinking.

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