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recently, i had a chance to use a new camera from canon, the g7x mark ii and here is my review of it it is a top-of the-line point and shoot camera that is perfect for when you cannot take much gear, but still want to take great photos and videos the first generation of the g7x has beena big hit with the vloggers it is also great for taking familyvideos and photos, especially when traveling for myself, i’m going to beusing it to record behind-the-scenes footage of our film and videoproductions here are the key features of this camera.

it has a one-inch cmos image sensor it comes with the latest digic 7 image processor this is the first canon camera released with this processor the first-generation g7x was very popular because of very good autofocus, image stabilization and low-light capabilities. mark ii makes improvements in all three areas because of the new processor another key feature is the 3-inchtouchscreen which flips all the way up which is perfect for vloggers the screen of mark ii also tilts down to 45 degrees

which is very useful when you areholding the camera above your head also, thanks to the touch sensitivity ofthe screen, you can quickly set your focus point a very useful feature it has a very good lens it is fast, f/1.8-2.8; it zooms from 24-100mm which gives you good wide-angle framing and it also has image stabilization it shoots video in full hd up to 60 fps which allows you to get slow-motion shots

as before, you can shoot in 25 or 30 fps depending whether you are in pal or ntsc but now with the mark ii, you can also shoot in 24 fps which you could not do with the previous generation of this camera for stills, you can shoot up 8 shots per second versus 6.5 shots per second with the mark i in terms of file format support for pictures you can use jpeg and raw and for video mp4 and h264

actually, the previous generation of this camera did not support h.264 the maximum iso for video is 6400 and you can another f-stop for pictures the camera has a time-lapse function, avery nice feature and also a built-in nd filter in terms of build and weight mark ii and mark i are almost the same mark ii is half an ounce heavier having used this camera, here are my main impressions

the camera has very good imagestabilization the autofocus is good, although not perfect on the rare occasion that the camera doesn’t get the focus right you can set it quickly with the touchscreen the camera shoots well in low light here is a low-light performance test for comparison, i also shot it with a canon dslr with an aps-c sized sensor and also with an older point-and-shoot camera

this is a really good low-lightperformance much better than what i expected from a camera with a 1-inch sensor one weakness of the camera is the audio quality because it only uses the internal mic to be sure to get professional audio in any environment you want a camera that allows you to connect an external directional microphone or better yet, you want to record audio onan external audio recorder to reduce wind noise, you can attach alittle windshield

which you can make one yourself or you can buy one online another point about the audio when filming in very quiet environments is that you will pick up the noise of the lens motors moving it’s rarely a problem but it is there another nice-to have feature would have been for the camera to be weather-sealed the camera does look sturdy but mark i is known to be susceptible todust

and for a camera that is meant to be used a lot for vlogging and whentraveling i think weather-sealing is important my overall verdict of the camera the camera exceeded my expectations it’s a very good, fun-to-use camera the image quality is very impressive the only shortcoming is the audio but that is typical of any camerasthat use internal microphones

for more information about this camera including the specs and also a comparison to the mark i and the sony rx 100 mark iv which is its main competitor please check out the link in thedescription of this video thank you for watching

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