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with the new alta hr ($150 to $180), fitbithas added more detail and helpful context to its sleep tracking data. the new features, accessible via the fitbitapp, are called sleep stages and sleep insights. and along with the now-shipping alta hr, thesleep stages feature is coming soon to fitbit’s charge 2 and blaze via firmware updates, whilesleep insights will work with all sleep-tracking fitbits. fitbit is not the first activity tracker companyto offer enhanced sleep tracking. jawbone’s app offers metrics for time spentin deep, rem, and light sleep and ‘smart coaching’ as well, though it doesn’t includecontext from other users.

but techcrunch reported in february that jawbonewas exiting the consumer market. the company hasn’t updated its trackersin two years, though you can still buy them online and the companion up app was updatedin january. and some consumers have complained about jawbone’slack of support. so, despite beating fitbit to market withenhanced sleep tracking, jawbone is no longer a valid alternative. fitbit’s enhanced sleep tracking is poweredby its purepulse heart rate tracking sensor. i’ll have more to say about alta hr’sheart rate tracking in my next blog post. in the meantime: i appreciate the additionalperspective fitbit’s new sleep stages and

sleep insights offer. and i’m looking forward to new ways fitbitwill add more context and actionable insights about health and fitness.

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