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*sharpener makes sounds* *sounds keep going* matt: takin forever, dude. matthias: oh gezz that (brian:woah) went sharp dude matthias: i think this is why kid’s don’t use pencils anymore. bryan: oh jeez, did you-matthias: (giggles) matthias: payback, dude! this is payback! bryan: no no no no stop stop stop–matthias: payback!

bryan: i dont like that (intro music plays) what’s going on guys? and welcome to: 10 strange amazon products enjoy or destroy meaning if i don’t like these products, and if they suck i will destroy them in any way that i feel is fit!

we’re gonna look at 10 strange amazon products that bryan picked out from and there’s just some bizarre, strange products, so we’re gonna find out if they’re good or bad. guys, click that bell icon because you wanna get notified of our videos because i comment back, we live stream all that good stuff. it’s so snazzy, we love it, we love doin’ it, we love seeing you there so come join in!

what is this an ostrich? oh slippers! oh that poor ostrich. stepping on it? there’s two of them. oh poor ostrich dude! just that picture. it’s like "waddup? i’m an ostrich step on me. it’s legal if i’m a slipper." who wears these things?brian: -look how many reviews! 1,092!brian-that’s how many people. come on! who’s doing that? maybe kids. it’s gotta be kids

this is getting me shook because, it’s not like your agile or anything wearing these things as seen on shark tank i should be on that shark tank cast ’cause i’ll be like "deny it!" and they’ll be like "that’s not how we do things here." brian-that’s not the phrase i get it if they’re kids. and they’re fun but like if you’re an adult. i have to understand why you’re wearing these write down in the comments below if you’re an adult and you’re wearing these. just tell me why. i’m open minded. i don’t know why

i don’t know everything guys. so if there’s a good reason let me know down in the comments below because otherwise you’re just floppin around floppin around your house do you wear these outside? what’s the deal? let’s add to cart -extra extra largethese are enormous and the poor ostrich is supposed to put his head in sand not in his own butt. get your head out of there you pervert! get your head out!

what they’re not even- they’re limp dude! -what they’re not even s- this is the nastiest thing i’ve ever seen in my life dude it doesn’t mean to help what’s the pointof it it doesn’t even stay up dude destroy ithow you destroy it i’m going to do the most aggressive thing- is this too- i wouldn’t. it’s just foam! do that iwould it’s just oh no do it care it’s just foam my hair brian’sworried that you guys are going to think this poor little stuffed animal now it’sa useful slipper. oh no! its guts! oh no! even more weirded out buddy

i pee in pools funny dare gag gift adulttrucker cap i feel like i’ve seen people wear these before i pee in pools how areyou finding this stuff dude i’m like trying to find a way that this isredeemable because it’s just like even if as a jokes or just like it’s not evena good joke like i pee and pools!!!!1!! i’m scum! good shook it over here i amgetting shooking. shooking nasty. shook not stirredthat’s when james bond gets shook let’s find out add to cart. memes! everywhere now. its that point…. in your life where

all the choices flash back and yourealize how you got to this point wearing a hat that says i pee in poolsin front of millions of people. oooh yeah, you’re right! i could be the most popularperson to ever wear this hat is this an enjoy or destroy there’s a poll rightthere enjoy it i’ll keep it destroy it i’lljust tear it up on my own time rock board descender skateboard blewthis real oh my word this is like an off-roading skateboard 36 wheels intotal that does not seem right i think someone can’t count is there threewheels in each one three times 12 36 there must be 3 wheels where each ofthose wheels looks like there would be a

wheel to be a wheel unique andinnovative why is it innovative it’d be innovative if it solves a problem butwhat problem is the solvent all-terrain it doesn’t even say that oh it does sayultra it literally says that exact thing the rock board descender is anall-terrain board ready to tear up any surface that stands in your waythe unlike typical skateboards the descenders tank like treads providetraction on grassy slopes pavement wooden pads okay no need to wait forsunny day or a smooth sidewalk how interesting it seems like i has goodreviews though $120 i have to know if you guys want me to make a video aboutthis okay if this video gets 85,000

likes then we’ll buy this and make avideo and if it doesn’t then we won’t buy it because that light goal lets usknow that you’re actually interested in seeing this product so i’m interested iwant to see if that works i don’t know how smooth it is likesuppose that’s what i’m saying i want to know guys let me know by giving thisvideo like this ones on layaway speaking of skateboards cool wheel d3melectric skateboard updated versions sent me this board 549 bucks i didn’thave to buy it and that’s dope cool we’ll thank you we’re going to testout right now if this cool wheel is cool as it says it is that’s what we wantthey’re taking a risk here but they’re

taking a risk by sending this to me butthey do know probably that i love writable tech you okay i mean it’s just a guy skating imean what would we expect really quick charge only two hours fast swappablebattery that’s pretty cool you can swap yeah you can swap out the battery youcan like take it out put a different one in economic remote control dualbrushless 250 watt hub motors so here’s the thing that’s really cool about thisand the thing that’s different than a booster board if i’m not mistaken thateven the newer booster boards aren’t hub

motors so here’s what’s really cool themotor is in the wheel you have no like tracks or pulley system or strapspushing that wheel the motor is in both of those wheels sixteen pounds i thinkstill lighter than a booster board so i don’t have to add to cut let’s justlet’s bring it on a baby so i have a confession to make i was too excitedabout this brian tried to package it up to try and pull you guys but i’m on itoh yeah thank you for putting me on but i was like oh sweet an electricskateboard so i wrote it around the parking lot and i had some other peoplearound here write it what i didn’t get a chance to read yet that’s here this hmmi don’t want to tell you i enjoyed it

quite a bit quite a bit so here’s one ofthe things that i really like about this particular skateboard check this outokay and this is something that i haven’t seen you see these three dotsappear when you that’s your battery level bro you can literally see yourbattery level at all time that’s really nice you can see that up there it’s fastdefinitely has a kick when you start off though so the acceleration curve maybemeans a little work because if you’re not paying attentionyou’ll like fall off of this thing when you take off so why don’t we go testthis puppy outside see what some people think about this puppy so if you’re notfamiliar with an electric board

especially one that’s not boostedbecause the thing that’s good about boosted boards is that theiracceleration curve it’s fine-tuned it won’t kick you off these boards they’renot as finesse but it’s like a third of the price right so you have to likereally brace yourself to get going in the beginningi network it takes to stop that’s how long it takes to stop i’m still goingi’m pressing down and out stop ooh stopping i mean i like that because itdoesn’t kick me off brian’s a little worried about it but i like that kevinwatch him over here have you ever ridden an electricskateboard only an electric bike okay so

no certain brace for it don’t don’t giveit everything right off the bat okay are you ready one for the moneyfirst off clearly you’ve never even ridden the skateboard please how aboutyou said brace myself lean forward do you have faith in me matt yes wow oh mygosh are you serious okay i just his footing is not good right nowtears are gonna hit the wheel what you think you’re going like down like anautumn or just fall down for face-first hey you saw something like downhillskateboarders do that so aang stop what’s with the hands behind the backi don’t know what’s that for were they like it’s not skateboarding i mean idon’t know i don’t know much about long

boring so that actually may be atechnique a longboard and i’m not talking through my i know a lot aboutlongboard as you can tell by my position yeah yeah so thank you kevin from googlyeyes guys go check out googly eyes on the high-five studios network this guythough i mean what do you think i say it’s anenjoy it i said faith enjoys i’m not reading this huffy i like this thingi like this link down in the description below if you’re interested check themout not sponsored accoutrement inflatable toupee pleasesan brian i’m already gets bargain i needed to payis that what you’re saying elastic

straps high quality vinyl lifelike ifyou’re real here here is inflatable you literally has the thing on top of hishead okay oh my word look at that guy’s face yousee this right now it’s literally shows you how to put on this fake toupee boilit up position it and then put it under your chin when a gentleman loses hishair a lady might avert your gaze to the glare below in the novel till covers theskin adjust the elastic strap under the chin your new inflatable toupee surelook smart step forth with confidence and break a heart after you finally getthe girl you’re just going to lose her you’re going to leave her and like whybreak a heart try to have a good

relationship huh ahkouta men oh my gosh look at this thing this just looks like a puddle of tar ohwow that’s inflated really quickly what that’s it that is it what am i doing oh this looks more like a bonnet aren’t yougoing to notice the shininess or the strap or or the nozzle on top i think imight notice the nozzle on top i have to say to destroy it so brian how shall wedestroy this what’s your boast it twist it till it pop yeah you twist it isprained my wrist and in the past video that i shot twisted twisted twisted idon’t think you’re going to get that thing a pop dude i see the putt i don’tthink you’re going to get that team to

puff dude dude what how many twists canyou do oh my gosh this toupee is resilient what in the name ahyou give up now let’s see what it looks like after it is still fineyou cannot destroyed it it’s indestructible stay back beast you evendo that a heart right well that’s one way to destroy itred cup 16-ounce stemmed wine glass 4 pack when you want to be leisurely butalso a little trashy you know casual but also a little above casual you know youhave the stem on the glass but then the solo cup you know you don’t want to betaken too seriously but you want to let people know you’re trying a little bithold 16 fluid ounces melamine body

melamine you don’t know melamine is isthe best type of plastic okay well we ready brian add to cart red cup wineglass why do we get to we’re gonna have a little green in it okay that oh that’sa nice that’s it that’s not a that’s not a regular solo cup okaytwo key meg team edge hit two million subscribers recently so we’re going tohave a drink to that without j fred without jp he didn’t doany other work wait we ready did that yes oh crapwe just you know now so now i can’t drink this yes good luck this bed reducethey don’t clink twice before a drink clink then drink not clink clink drinkam i right double know you this oh i was

drink i say we keep it and when anyonehas a good accomplishment we do it there yeah i like what we do things i try wedo things high-class yeah and they’re like but this is not like toy smith fart bomb concealableeducational educational right made using satan high-quality material it was thislittle kid he’s like just so excited but why is he bending over to fart becausehe has a fire bomb these places are down no he is farting he look at his lipshe’s like like forcing it out these mega stinky fart bombs pack a punchone box contains six bomb packets squeeze the package so the inside breakswalk away well the bag expands burst and

release grow stenchhow long ago smell lies my grandson’s little on the garage mistake lasted afull day he let one outside which lasted a short while 5 out of 5 to 10 minutesoh my gosh and to curse definitely not slamming meyeah don’t slam don’t slam what would have it you see a single oh my gosh dudeokay so here’s the thing about this similar to the spark spray that we hadin a previous amazon episode once we test these outyou make sure you throw them away forever should i smell it first oh waitoh my gosh just smell i’m not i’m not gonna mess with that dude oh ohnose gagged oh little gel car do not

pass gas mask required smash it washyour not ingest content who is going to get confused well that smells so goodcan i eat it alright i want you to do the honors i’m just going to be overhere really i’m what dude i was jay i haven’t even moved dude look how closewe are i was a guinea pig right now having to move whoa oh look look lookthe guys would do to that sprays i’m gonna lose it can you smell itwhat hey hey that one hasn’t popped yet dave oh-oh-ohdidn’t i read folklore oh my gosh oh my

gosh that’s horriblenow look that’s a destroy look good thing we already destroyed itmighty blaster toro daeul toroidal troy –dl toroidal toro toy tool is difficultto say toroidal say that five times fast is easy to royal toroidal toroidal toroyal choroidal ya so mighty blaster toroidal emitter blast huge vapor ringsup to twenty feet away so you just blast some rings what’s thepoint of it though three ounce bottle of super zero fog ring fluid is that toxiccan you breathe that in wizard stick currently unavailable by a magic oh-oh my mighty blaster toroidal emitter multispeed plunger control makes extra thick

vapor rings enclosed inside theincredible wizard stick right led light enhanced vapor production it’s justprobably part of the gun that you have to take apart anyways to make it happenso they’re just like oh it’s included but it’s like a literally part of itwhat there’s nothing in here oh you already built it already so it was likein a thousand pieces was it really let’s see it given mywizard stick so how does this work it’s ginormous so we have a bunch ofdifferent mechanisms inside see what i told you this piece right here is thewizard stick that you need for the gun they just made it detachable and they’relike it’s included it’s not extra it’s

part of it all the way down generatesthe smoke as you can see ya smoke thing jenny and then you come back and thenyou release you do that in may that’s all i can oh yeah you can see that ohjeez now press now press it all the way downoh that worked well oh elliott chimera elly is the lead editor for hi-byestudios watch did you copy oh i thought it was all those airs lucasbut then i realized it wasn’t is it a fog lucas i didn’t reject it a demoninto your soul oh that’s pretty cool did i get out of here oh we’re gonna whatnot let any of the smoke escape now what whoo ghostbusters status it’s an enjoyyeah we ain’t going to destroy this dude

no way before we move on to the nextcouple of products make sure you’re subscribed here because you’re not goingto want to miss these crazy wacky goofy videos that we make of the strangestproducts that we can find so make sure you subscribe by clicking that bill redbutton down below this video that looks a little something like thisso let’s continue live stream gear ls head head mount withexternal and foam what is this i don’t even know this is a head mount for yourphone is this if you become lazier what’s the use of this filthy no thismount lets you wear your phone to easily view your screen while live-streamingperiscope head mount lets you livestream

video footage while on twitter it tiltsto capture whatever view angle you choose 11 people have bought this whatare their uses for this why risk dropping your phone while live-streamingvideo on periscope this livestream head mount with a chin strap works with anyphone regardless of model not live-streaming yet well don’twhite white just live streaming why are they so obsessed with live streamingwill stay on my head while i’m doing a parkour run new majid if you’re justwalking down the street and you saw someone like scaling walls with thisthing on their head you’d be like their superhero whencasting we’ll reviewed as well i’m going

to have to add the car but i rememberbam okay i mean just looks like some goproaccessories and it looks like there are gopro accessories includedlive-streaming gear really pushing that live for you yeah man so this is just anormal gopro head mount so what’s different here is this hook now that hurts dude that like legithurts and there’s not even a phone on it are they serious maybe i have to make ittighter doesn’t hurt as much but it’s not pleasant thank youare you live sorry oh that hurts so bad how doing it that hurt so look look atthe pressure i know this is an iphone

plus hold on i’m i’m gonna shoot somevideo here i’ll just really hurt right where are you doing oh ah oh i have todo it much lower ah hold on let me walk around their office really quick getpeople’s reactions here oh would you buy this yeah oh dude that bruised mestraight up you got the bruise you bruise very easily i it was hit okay youput it on put it on hot shot ah that’s the worst product i’ve ever seen in mylife dude hey try so anticlimactic till my broken brush it’s still not brokenforget about it i hate it funny nose pencil sharpener one pack youjust stick it up the nose and you sharpen it in twist which you wouldspeaking those just like you would in

the nose a great back-to-school item forthe student who definitely knows a good novelty these unique pencil sharpenerstake on the form of a human nose this funny pencil sharpener just gross enoughto make it irresistible for kids and some adults i had two cars yes sothere’s a pencil sharpener whoopsie and i mean i think it’s prettystraightforward you take this beat-up pencil put it inthe nose then just this is the only pencil in all of high five anywhere thisis the only pencil and how i asked everybody anybody have a pencil know whowould have a pencil in high five studios bro we make videos for a living who’susing pen and paper dude haven’t you

heard about the environment and andglobal warming do you want to contribute to that by just burning up wood likethis oh yeah that one sharp dude i think thisis why kids don’t use pencils anymore oh jesuspayback dude this is battle stuff those jose back i don’t like stop there is igo nothing is what it’s a beard yours got a fear of my eyes i’m like it’s nota fear of your head no it is a few starting to fear well it’s not really afear but i think it’s a fear of everyone you know like just there you are youscared to get stabbed one day are you scared to get stabbed one day no i saythat is tasteful see that thumbnail

right there with the green squishy thingthat was 9 strange things we found at target really weird go check it out alsothis video right here the video that youtube thinks you specifically willenjoy let’s see if youtube’s algorithms know all like they say they do click itlet us know if that video is something that you like all right high five

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