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we are very excited and really want to try this smartphone. aside from its deca-core processor, it has two main cameras. we are sure that you are also very curious. here is our xiaomi redmi pro review! xiaomi redmi is known as an entry-level smartphone which hardware is not too tall. this tradition is now broken with the emergence of redmi pro. not only is it a tall hardware, redmi pro has a promising design.

this smartphone looks different due to its two main cameras in the back. unlike mi 5 which is frail, redmi pro has a strong body and is a bit thick and heavy. the frame is made of metal, and so is the back body, which is made of brushed metal, and two horizontal lines as antenna. although it is a bit thick, xiaomi redmi pro is classified as a smartphone that is nice to hold. there are two curves in the left and right sides

that present its own comfort. meanwhile, there is an led notification in the front side with a lot of colors, it also has home button as well as fingerprints sensor, and menu and back button, which has white colored led. to charge battery, xiaomi equips it with type-c usb port. redmi pro unit that came to our office still carry miui 7.5, android marshmallow based. the first day using it, we get a notification to upgrade to miui 8, stable version.

this ui is as responsive as miui 7. however, it has so much more features. the most interesting is its dual space feature, in which we can use two accounts in one smartphone. we can even duplicate applications or games in an easy way. this option can be found in the setting menu. we also have the chance to compare redmi pro’s miui 8 to mi 5’s miui 8. with similar performance, redmi pro’s miui 8 is more prudent in terms of ram consumption,

compared to mi 5. the difference is 200 mb. the rest, we feel like you have known a lot about this ui since almost all xiaomi smartphone uses miui 8. we think that this smartphone does not deserve to be in redmi family.. ..since it is quite tall. on the paper, the specification competes mi 5 which is the flagship of xiaomi. first, the screen brightness is 600 nits while other smartphones in average are 450 nits.

this screen is made of oled panel with full hd resolution. the pixel looks solid, yet looks more yellow-ish compared to ips screen. if compared to samsung’s amoled, the color contrast is one level below. if you like to show off or compete in terms of benchmark, redmi pro delivers a wonderful score. on antutu test, it gets almost 90 thousand points with 3d score that reaches out to 17 thousand points.

the high score can be achieved due to cpu deca-core helio x25 2,5 ghz and gpu quad-core mali-t880. although it has a big amount of core, this cpu is still not as good as snapdragon 820, which is the pride of qualcomm. actually, cpu and gpu are enough for redmi pro to be used to play heavy games. however, with 10 main core and high clockspeed, this smartphone gets warm quickly in addition, it is also because of its metal body. plus, it also consumes high power. therefore, despite its giant battery of 4.050 mah,

it can only last to 5 hours of sot in average. xiaomi redmi pro is actually offered in three options of ram and storage. there are 3 gb or 4 gb ram and 32, 64 or 128 gb storage. the capacity and storage are enough, but you can even add it up to 256 gb using microsd. we have satisfied to try its performance, but we are still very curious in regard to its camera. this is the first time for xiaomi to release a dual camera smartphone. it uses 13 mp sony imx258,

and another one is 5 mp samsung. although it has two cameras, you can obviously take pictures as usual using sony sensor. but if you have two cameras, why do you only use one? thus, we play a lot using its stereo mode or bokeh by activating both cameras. yes, two redmi pro cameras are able to create bokeh pictures that are claimed to be as good as dslr. this mode allows you to set aperture from 0,95 to 5,6.

if stereo mode is activated while the main camera is closed, you will not be able to take pictures. if the closed one is the secondary camera, you will be able to capture pictures yet the autofocus will be disturbed. you need to know that the bokeh effect that is produced by the two cameras of redmi pro is different from dslr camera’s. this effect does not wholly come out of its own camera, it is more like a software manipulation.

so, we will not wonder if the result sometimes does not look natural. while using stereo mode, the autofocus velocity gets slower. it is not rare that the result turns to look messy. there are some parts that should become bokeh, yet that particular part turns to look clear, and vice versa. at last, we do not feel disappointed towards its dual camera. we have got used to it and finally be able to produce bokeh pictures. yes, capturing bokeh pictures using redmi pro.. easier rather than editing the pictures.. ..using depth of field filter on instagram. we even try this stereo mode to capture pictures during the night with enough lighting. the result looks bright and is not disappointing. if you have captured pictures using stereo mode, you can edit the result set the bokeh level through gallery. besides, the pictures delivered out of stereo mode can also be seen in 3d mode by utilizing its gyroscope sensor.

xiaomi redmi pro is a smartphone which computation capability is above the average. quick processor, yet easy to get warm and wasteful in terms of power. aside from its quick performance, redmi pro is very unique, thanks to its two main cameras that can capture bokeh. (out of focus part of images). although it is not as good as dslr camera, the innovation offered is very fun and successfully makes it different from other smartphones. yap, there’s a review from xiaomi redmi pro if you have any question, please write on comment below

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