The Big Short Review

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"the film that was’nt meant to be made" director puri jaganath goes to bangkok to write scripts but i dont have that much i write them in these parks dont know my story my story is… dear(wife’s calling me) yeah..what?? pls come early from office today..we will go for shopping hmmm…let’s see

did u call mother-in-law ? no wonders happen from me which i need to say on phone everyday don’t act smart they don’t need wonders from you they want to know we are happy and doing things ok (eating, resting etc) hmmm.. that the only thing happening is.. eating on time.. it just seems like a routine day

but it’s my last working day what happenend today..? everybody works for salary but the real kick lies in work rather than salary when that ‘kick’ is gone..u feel like watching a boring serial..even when u work on a good pay if a dog lies dead beside a road.. the dog population becomes one less..that’s it it’s just that dog..

same way…if a person dies with out any recognition.. counts reduces by one in our population.. no one knows when your born and when u died no difference between u and a dog.. when u r on a job.. and looking at your watch for tiime it means u r not interested in that job when u have passion on work that u do.. time runs fast like my bike on a vacant road here..

when u r not interested on the work that u do.. time runs like a bike in traffic wat bro..are’nt u happy being a software engineer?? do u really nee to step in to film industry?? software job does’nt interest me any more except for the namesake and brand that i earn a 50k salary i’m not sure ..i don’t even spend the 50k in a happy way after all the hardwork

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