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hey guys, it’s jan.episode 4 brought sand snakes, stabbings, and bleurgh-some snogs.this has definitely been the strongest episode of the season so far, giving us plenty tochat about as always! just before i kick off, i’ve got anothergreat giveaway this week from our friends at genki gear.all you need to do is be a subscriber and leave a comment on this video, and you couldwin this t-shirt i’m wearing or any of genki gear’s other fab designs.i’ll let you know the winner at the end of next week’s video.ok, let’s break down my top 5 moments from the sons of the harpy.

the award for top gross-out moment of theweek has to go to littlefinger who, after creeping up on sansa in the crypt, revealedmore of his evil plan before kissing her on the mouth.urgh! it turns out that littlefinger’s off toking’s landing next to make sure cersei keeps clueless about his shenanigans.and given his penchant for chaos, i wouldn’t be surprised if we see him getting a big spoonout to stir things up while he’s there. as for winterfell, well, littlefinger’sbetting on roose bolton getting the old heave-ho from stannis and his not-so-merry men.and he’s banking on stannis making sansa “wardeness of the north” because her fatherned stark supported his claim to the throne.

littlfinger’s words that ‘even the mostdangerous men can be outmanoeuvred. and you’ve learnt to manoeuvre from the very best’made me wonder just how long it’ll be before baelish finds himself hoisted by his own petard. a freshly branded lancel lannister continuedto swing his symbolic sword of justice this week.he clearly has his eyes on the big prize: the high septon last week, and the queen’sbrother, loras tyrell, this week. cersei’s list of enemies just keeps growing,doesn’t it? and her nicey-nicey routine with margaery last week did nothing to makethe new queen think that anyone other than cersei was ultimately behind the arrest ofloras.

there was a lot of foreshadowing in cersei’sstoryline this week, including her words about a “great sinner in our very midst, shieldedby gold and privilege”, and the fact she sent both mace tyrell and meryn trant, whojust happens to be on arya’s hit-list, to braavos.meanwhile, tommen’s not really proving to be the wise king that his grandfather tywinhoped he’d be last season, but then again, he doesn’t exactly have any good counsellorsto listen to, as tywin told him a wise young king must, margaery’s sending word to her grandmother. fingers crossed this means olenna tyrell makesa comeback to the show – i’d love to see her the way, i can’t imagine littlefinger’s

going to be super-pleased to find his brothel’sbeen besieged by zealots once he gets back to king’s landing. and i’m sure he won’ttake long to figure out who’s behind it all. jon snow’s troubles with red-heads continuedas melisandre decided her opening gambit of asking jon if he was a virgin and puttinghis hand on her cheek as they rode the ice wall elevator in episode 1 was all a bit toosubtle and frankly rather tame. so, this week, she thought she’d put hishand elsewhere and show him what he was, er, fighting for.all of which led to one of my favourite uses of the line, ‘you know nothing, jon snow’.but it looks like jon may be able to avoid

future advances from melisandre if stannisstays true to his word and takes her with him when he sets off for winterfell.which may be a good thing for jon as gendry, the last man melisandre had her eye on, hasn’tbeen seen since davos bundled him into a boat in season 3 to escape the red priestess’sclutches. oh, and jon’s protests, yet again, thatas a night’s watch he’ll be keeping out of the wars of the seven kingdoms, leads meto think otherwise. jaime lannister is keen to avoid a war withthe dornish during his mission to rescue myrcella, but he may not get the choice as oberyn martell’slover, ellaria sand, and his daughters, the sand snakes, are hell-bent on avenging oberyn’sdeath.

and if their treatment of the ship’s captainwho smuggled jaime and bronn into dorne is anything to judge by, mr robo-arm and hissell-sword better watch out! jaime may take advantage of the fact he doesn’thave two hands to avoid rowing and body burying duties, but as we saw when he and bronn wereattacked by four men on horseback he’s definitely not the swordsman he once was.though jaime did put his metal hand to good use to beat his attacker.however, can that really match the spear-throwing skills obara sand demonstrated this episodewhen she impaled the head of the ship’s captain?i mean we already saw an actual snake dangerously close to jaime’s head this week!and then there was all that talk about how

bronn and jaime would like to die, which makesme think at least one of them could be for the chop this season. there were plenty of bloody goings-on in meereenthis week. while dany was arguing, yet again, with hizdahrzo loraq about reopening the fighting pits, the sons of the harpy were overrunning thecity! which makes me think hizdahr’s been in onthe whole harpy revolt from the beginning, as does the fact that both daario and danyspecifically make a point about how he isn’t a threat in this episode.and remember, his father was one of the meereenese masters who dany had crucified when she tookover the city.

anyway, the unsullied were ambushed and outnumberedby the sons of the harpy. grey worm ably fought his attackers till hewas surrounded, then barristan selmy appeared, taking out a slew of harpy sons before hewas wounded, possibly fatally. but grey worm killed the man who was aboutto slit selmy’s throat. however, i don’t think things aren’t lookinggood for either of them. it’s often not a good sign in tv shows andmovies when characters starts reminiscing about the good old days, and before the ambush,we saw barristan waxing lyrical about the musical exploits of dany’s brother, rhaegartargaryen, and dany telling him to ‘go, sing a song for me.’after which the show cut to hizdahr zo loraq

telling dany, ‘all men must die, but notall can die in glory.’ which could point to this being selmy’sswansong. it would certainly give the singers a good ending, as bronn talked about withjaime earlier this episode after their encounter with the snake.i’m going to say something now which is a potential spoiler, but you can click the buttonhere to jump forward past the spoiler. ok, neither barristan nor grey worm are deadin the books, but that doesn’t mean anything for the show because, as i pointed out a coupleof weeks ago, showrunners benioff and weiss sent a pretty clear message to a song of iceand fire readers through selyse’s words to shireen, ‘you have no idea what peoplewill do; all your books and you still don’t

know’.and, according to news reports, an unidentified game of thrones actor, who’s been with theshow for a while and has read the books, said he was surprised to find that his characterwas going to be killed off this season. and i know from having interviewed on a numberof occasions ian mcelhinney, who plays barristan selmy, that he has indeed read the books.if you want to check out those interviews, click here. so, what did you make of episode 4 of season5? what did you think about barristan selmy andgrey worm’s fate? and what do you think this season has in storefor jaime and bronn?

let me know in the comments below!remember, to win this t-shirt i’m wearing or any of the other fab designs by our friendsat genki gear, just leave a comment on this video about episode 4, and make sure you’rea subscriber to flicks and the city! if you like this video, do please share it,hit the thumbs-up button & subscribe for my weekly reviews and interviews!thanks for watching and see ya next time. and remember, if you’re not watching jang on got, you know nothing!

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