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hello youtube friends! my name is grace. weare back and we’re going to talk about books again. because i can. yeah, son. so todaywe’re going to talk about a different book, and i actually have it here with me. i know!for once! we’re talking about dietland today. it’s by sarai walker. i hope i am saying hername right, but if not i am sorry. dietland is a really fun book. the book’s about a girlnamed plum. she’s a lady on the larger side. she is what they in the book call "fat. andshe wants to get a gastric bypass surgery to lose a lot of weight so she can becomethin, and become one of the glamorous people. you know, because that’s what, that’s whatwe want in society is to just be as thin as possible, because you know, sexism and fatphobia’cause that’s wonderful. and this book addresses

that. it addresses how fatphobia and sexismare kind of intertwined. and how you can be as thin as you want and people will be niceto you, especially if you’re a girl. and if you are fat, they will treat you like crap.and i find that to be a great, like, thing to address, because people don’t talk aboutfat people in, you know, like human terms. they’re just like, "oh, you’re fat." "oh,you’re obese." and this is an insult for some reason. rather than, "oh, i am fat." yes,i am. i am fat. yes, i am fat. and yes, i am adorable! ’cause i am! but i like’s got a lot of… it’s got a lot of stuff in it where you’re like… "this is very angry."there are parts in it where there are domestic terrorists who are killing men for rapingwomen, killing men for fighting women’s reproductive rights.

there are deaths of porn stars forperpetrating the industry, which there are points about the porn industry that i don’t quite agree within this book. it kind of demonizes the entire concept of pornography. rather than, the industrythat we currently have for pornography is absolute garbage and we need to toss it outand redevelop it in a new way where everyone looks like they’re having fun. rather thana whole bunch of men are just sticking things in every oraface that they possibly can ofa woman. which, you know. but, dietland is a lot more angry than i personally like todefine my femenism, but there are a lot of excellent points that are addressed in if you are in any way interested in how fatphobia works in society, definately pickit up. if you are on the thinner side and

you are like, "oh, like, fat people don’thave it hard," definately pick up this book. it’s very eye opening, and there’s a lot ofthings in here. like, on a personal level, you’re not treated human by some people, you’rejust treated like an oddity. on another personal level, if a gentleman is looking at me, he’snot looking at me as, like i said, like a human. he’s just, "oh, you’re an obstacle. i can’t.i can’t jack off to this, therefore. you are obviously female, but i can’t jack off tothis, so i’m not going to treat you with aaaaaany modicum of respect. like, if you were thinner,i would maybe think about jacking off to you, so i might be nice to you. that way i mightcould maybe get in your pants." and then there are other times when it’s just like absolutevitriol and rudeness by some people. which

is weird. like, i’m just trying to exist onthe same planet as you are. i mean, i guess. sorry for existing? not really, because i’mfrickin fantastic. but, dietland is. if you’re okay with second-wave feminism, definitelypick it up. if you’re kind of third-wave feminism, and you’re uncomfortable with theabsolute anger at just all men, be careful. it is angry. it’s very angry. but, still agood read. definitely pick it up. i hope you guys have a lovely rest of your evening, ordaytime. it’s just evening where i am. but, anyway, you guys have a lovely rest of yourday. and i hope you enjoyed the video. *popping sound*

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