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ava doesn’t blink on screen… ever ex machina is directed by alex garland, stars alicia vikander, oscar isaac and domhnal gleeson. it’s the latestin a trend of ai related movies is it consciousness is not consciousnesswhat we do you know commentary on social condition.overall, very very well made movie some issues as far as the plot-points go… we’ll get to that a little bit later the first thing about this movie is thatit takes its time

telling a story. most movies these daysthat deal with ai are you know your i, robots or eventhe machine to a certain extent, they’re full of action scenes and shooting and car chases, you know, heroic setpieces. this is a veryminimalist film. a primary cast three people, a fourth, sort of ancillary character. that’s it. that’s all there is to, youknow, the the cast in this movie. this is the prime example of a movie that couldfall apart if the acting wasn’t top-notch and… it is.

domhnal gleeson’s character caleb smith supposedly wins some sort of contest to go and be choppered out to the reclusivebillionaire owner the company he works for blue bookthe non trademark infringement google of the book is supposed to be you know world’s leader search engineninety-five percent of all search traffic and after some very amusingly off-putting conversation he signs his youknow nda (non-disclosure agreement) and

is introduced to the concept that nathanhas created an a.i. he says that he created it a year ago and that the purpose of caleb coming isto perform a turing test. now a turing test, for those of you whodon’t know, is a test that was designed by a man named turing to discover whether a computer has intelligence. what it does is there is acomputer component and a human component and the human is to interact with the computer andprobe its intellect basically. if the

human cannot tell if he’s interacting withanother human or a computer then that system passesthe turing test, and it is one of the hallmarks forartificial intelligence now, let me just take this opportunity tocomplement alicia vikander. alicia vikander plays ava, the ai gynoid not an android since it’s female, gynoid, uh, in this movie. the is supposedly the ai that’s getting tested by caleb’s character

she is phenomenal. in this movie. she talks a bit in some of the interviews about her ballet background and how thatassisted her in creating the movements of the character. side note: the visual effects in this movie are amazing they are top notch. you don’t see cg you see ava as character, not as an amalgamation you know computer-generated images anyou know

pasted with a human face. the detailand level of work that went into the character of ava is groundbreaking in in my opinion i have never seen cg that looksquite this good, and alicia vikander brings somuch to the role of ava when you combine the two of those, what you get is a truly realized character that is about half-and-half completely computergenerated.

amazing work, and when you watch thismovie there’s no higher praise than to say that you don’t, you can’t tell the you’re looking atsomething that was created in a computer this is a movie that doesn’t shy awayfrom talking about the implications of artificialintelligence and it doesn’t do it in an obvious way. the characters discuss real, relevantconcerns you know in 100 years, in two hundred years arewe going to be looked at the way we look ataustralopithecus

or the way that we look at neanderthals; ready for extension we came in we tookover where the dominant species. are we goingto be viewed that way? and it does a great job of looking at theway that we as humans treat an intelligence that is artificial,something completely new. there really are very few majorplot points to this movie and that’s what works. now onto some of those narrative difficulties that we talked about, issues with the plot points. thefirst two acts of this movie are masterfully crafted.

the third act kinda falls apart myopinion. a movie that has taken an hour andtwenty-ish minutes to build a very tight, very suspenseful story then spends 15 minutes unraveling it. it creates narrative dissonance. the movie ends upfeeling like a cautionary tale about the dangers of a.i. what you’releft with is an ending that feels like a betrayal of a character that has been so fully

realized, you just don’t understand why this would happen. ex machina is a fantastic movie; it is good additionto anybody’s collection who loves science fiction, lovespondering the state man, or just watching goodmovies with excellent acting and great pacing. it could have been a near perfect science fiction movie. thank you for watchingmy review of ex machina if you like this video,

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