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review: chengdu happy valley y2jay does asia this is chengdu happy valley, i got mixed feelings about this place in some ways it’s good in some ways it’s not so good that’s the entrance one of the positives, the drop… actually getting on a ride what was it like? that was horrifying! it was horrifying!

it was kind of fun but… you go up there, it’s relaxing, and suddenly you drop so fast it’s incredibly fast for a couple of seconds you think you are going to die a positive: shoot the chute i bet none of the chinese purchased this photo of me all wet (not happy) we just did shoot the chute, and we got all wet it’s got the big splash at the end, and the people with water guns shoot you again at the end

another positive: the flying island you’re not allowed to stand up on the flying island a negative: ferris wheel has dirty scratched windows this is the gripe video on the ferris wheel we have only been here 2 hours the windows here are all scratched and covered in graffiti, they obviously never clean them or change them why? is it that difficult to replace them? the big red roller coaster, i couldn’t get on it

another negative: can’t get on that ride they designed the safety bar so it clamps over your legs instead of down over your chest if you are any taller than a typical small asian person, you are simply too tall for this ride, you have to spread your knees apart and if you are big like me, the bar won’t even lock into place, terrible design so basically they kicked me off the ride, i can’t go on it but the bar is not designed well, the safety mechanism should instead be the chest bar which comes down and clamps onto your chest, those take people of larger sizes the cylon roller coaster at singapore universal studios is one such design, and i got on it and could ride it, all 125kg of me the cylon roller coaster at singapore then we went and did laser strike

we turned up at the correct time, 11:00, then were told to go away and come back, they are now starting at 11:30 then at 11:30 we waited again so it didn’t start till 12:00. we finally start, and my gun isn’t working properly, the connector cable which connects the gun to the backpack is faulty, keeps disconnecting they also did not keep scores, so if you don’t know how well you are doing, why bother playing? so already after only 2 hours, i have many complaints a positive: getting wet again on the river rapids topless final thoughts: we are now finished at chengdu happy valley

it was a mixed experience, good and bad good weather, good times on the water rides we saw a show, that was good. food was good, no problems there clean toilets, that’s always good, especially in china but there were some problems the laser strike, guns not working properly ferris wheel windows all scratched up and most embarrassing problem, can’t get on the roller coaster, too fat only designed for tiny little chinese people

just not well designed considering other roller coasters are designed to allow bigger people on them, i hate this, it’s not good enough we actually got a 50 percent refund, went to the customer service counter, explained all the problems, they gave us half our money back, so that was good 190 chinese dollars refund, not bad. so travel tip: when making a complaint, be sad, not angry. they don’t want to help you when you’re angry. but if you’re sad or upset, they will do what they can local chinese staring at me as they walk past they made up for their shortcomings by giving me a partial refund. like the video? leave a comment, subscribe

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