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I’m going to actually do a product review for Tieks by gabrieli. For those of you who don’t know what Tieks are…Tieks are these really popular foldable ballet flats that you’ve probably seen floating all over social media. They’re supposed to be really comfortable and really great for travel.

However, they are a little steep, they cost about 175 dollars for a pair and so if you are someone who is considering whether or not it’s worth shelling out $175 for a pair of ballet flats… keep on watching this video because i’m going to share with you my shopping, unboxing and first impressions of the shoe where I’ll try it on on-camera, so without further do.

Let’s get started. So i ordered my Tieks online. Their website is actually very clean very easy to navigate and I didn’t have any issues placing my order. It took about three days to get my shipment….so this has got to be the smallest box of shoe I’ve ever received in the mail and they are based out of california so three days wasn’t bad.

Given the fact that i live in New York city and this literally came cross-country so let’s open the box and in all transparency i did kind of rip this seal ahead of time because i didn’t want to risk getting bloody on camera trying to yank this open with a scissor or a knife so i kind of dip that and also I peek okay all right .

So let’s open the box so it’s like alright not open the very first thing you see is this sentence that says the ballet flat reinvented and this nabokov nicely blended and stuff like that and then the actual shoe is in this beautiful little heel box that’s in here i’m going to pull that out and got into this like the prettiest box of shoes you’ve ever gotten.

I really like that flower I’m a sucker for packaging so i appreciate great packaging. Now let’s take a look at what’s inside i’m just going to open this this is a rubber seal. I’m going to drop that there so if i open the box so just kind of lift off. i’m doing really good nothing’s wrong alright so here is what the shoes look like in the box and then with it i got a couple part two let’s look at what they are so this first part here oh that’s really cute actually.

It’s a handwritten note so very rare from e-commerce it says no top seller we hope you love your chestnut team and can’t wait to see where your blueprints thank you that’s really cute and there’s also another kind of piece of paper he looks in here’s this obviously promoting social we have oh and it tells you a little bit more about the shoe that’s flexible there’s no skid pan stitch which i already knew cool and then there’s also you know how to take care of.

It help to return on all of that stuff so the one thing that i do that forget to mention it earlier is yes you know it’s one hundred and seventy-five dollars but let me just take the shoes out of the box the patient’s really are leather and they’re also hand stitch so you know that justifies I guess seventy-five dollars with a pair so i’m going to try this on in a bit but I want to show you what else came in the fall

So let me dig around make sure that much a house I’ll take that tissue out alright there’s another little baggie inhere all right so so cable there’s a little pouch and rupture what’s in hereto win this thing together so opening this pouch there’s another pouch and then I guess if you opened that what’s here let’s see ah so you get up bag that I guess you can put your regular shoes or you know i guess if you’re wearing heels and you’re carrying your tips in your purse right now you have to sign to put your shoes in so you don’t get your bag dirty or your purse dirty so that’s kind of cool enough anyways um but yeah let’s all right on so here are the shoes I’ve just put them on.

They feel really comfortable they are really light and the weather is actually really soft if i turn to the side they are also very flexible so when i’m walking i’m sure it’s going to be a really nice experience and I’ve also told that you’re supposed to buy me shoes a whole size smaller or half a size smaller i didn’t do that on the fly seven and these are size 7 and the reason i slept in my size because i have white ab feet but yeah i think that a nicest part about the shoe might actually be these cool souls i think they’re it’s nice and light and let me walk to review so you can actually see what it’s like in action oh it does make a little farting noise that may not be good but let me do a solo up to let you know if it makes a funny noise especially if it’s a little wet or rainy that might not be good but anyways i’ll catch you in a bit so we’re back and i hope you enjoyed my first impressions and try on experiences the pair of cheeks.

I did forget to talk about something and i realized this after i tried to chew on if there were two bags that i kind of showed you in the first part of the video they actually serve two different purpose so it didn’t big that here is really for you to kind of store your heels right you’re dirtying up shoes and then this smaller bag here is really where your cheeks would go so you put your cheeks in here and then you take this bag when it’s folded into this like front pouch so you can keep it in your i guess your bag first or what have you.

So i forgot to talk about that but anyway i really hope that this video has been helpful in helping you make the decision on whether or not you should invest in a pair of tapes for yourself if you like this video please don’t forget to click thumbs up in the button below if you have any comments questions feedback please sweep them either in the comments below or connect with me on social media i will try my best to respond to you in a timely fashion and most of all don’t forget to subscribe to my channel you can be the first to be notified when i put out new videos and also to sure you support for my channel alright guys have a wonderful afternoon evening night depending on where you are in the world or when you’re watching this video until then i’ll see you in the next video goodbye.

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