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cofounder and ceo of tinderusually sat down for an interview, and during thisinterview with the standard he said some things that i thoughtwere interesting, and there were some accusations thrown in hisdirection that i also think were interesting. the ceo is a man by the name of sean rad, he istwenty-nine years old. according to the london evening standard,the publication that interviewed him, he admits he is addicted totinder. "every other week i fall in love with a new girl ã± butright now is a single.

unfocused. it’s such a criticaltime for the company so unfortunately i don’t have a lot of time for any of that." he istremendously wealthy, he says he is a serial monogamous. he hasbeen in for serious, long-term relationships. but he is not interested insleeping with really sexy models, at least that is what heclaims in this interview. cenk, tell me what you think. i hear him, and i feel hispain. you start the company, and

the point is to get rid of amosand get laid, and you spend so much time working on the companythat you don’t have time to do that. it is almost like a black fly in your chardonnay. i hearhim on that. but if you started tinder, you gonna use that. doeslike me starting the young turks and not doing any talking. ialso feel your pain, i was a serial monogamous. all it is so painful to bein these long, healthy, fulfilling relationships.

i wanted to date more girls,and more frequently, and i did not want to be in the longrelationship, so i feel for him. apparently he was trying to makean impression on the reporter. according to the reporter, "he’sdesperate to impress me on how gallant he is, citing thefact that a supermodel, someone really really famous hasbeen taking him for sex, and i’ve been like no. she’s taunted him, he says,and called me a prude."

he just lost all my sympathy. here is an exact statementfrom him. "she’s one of the most beautiful woman i’ve ever seen,but it doesn’t mean that i want to rip her clothes off and havesex with her. attraction is nuanced. i’ve been attracted towomen who are, he pauses, well, my friends might think are ugly.i don’t care if someone is a model. it sounds clich…d andalmost totally unbelievable for a guy to say this, but it istrue, i need an intellectual challenge." he followed thatstatement with the following,

"apparently is a term forsomeone gets turned on by intellectual stuff. you know,just talking. what’s the word?’s face creases in the effort oftrying to remember. i want to say sodomy?" that’s got to be one of myfavorite quotes of all time. i’m pretty sure it’s not sodomy, andi’m pretty sure that you are not actually interested in intellectual stuff. you areinterested in stuffing something.

that is embarrassing. he had wanted his handlers withthem who was like, what is wrong with the? and in the reporter explained tohim what sodomy is, and he was like i want that. you do want that, sodomyinvolves oral sex. believe me, i think he’sinterested in that. he is trying to hard. dude, you run tinder,relax a bit. you are a twenty-nine-year-old owner of

tinder, hell yeah you use it.what did he even mean? video sexual’s are people whoare attracted by someone else’s intellect. it is kind of like me when i meant to say spliff, andi said sploog instead. it happens to the best of us. onemore thing, it was implied over and over again that tinder hasdestroyed society, and look at this hookup culture and all ofthese terrible things that are happening as a result. here isthe thing, this is one platform in which people have utilized itin order to meet others, and to

have casual sex. are you going to blame tinder for that? are weever going to take responsibility for our ownactions, or are we just going to keep blaming apps? that slipup by him washilarious, but at the same time, i am with you ana. it seems likethey are trying to burn him. really judgmental, it is humannature. you think sean rad fundamentally changed humannature? no, he provided an outlet for that human nature.

so overall i am not buying wherethey are driving with this story.

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