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hi guys and welcome to the tsd tech spotlight program. today, we’re reviewing ting, which is a pay-as-you-go cell phone service provider. ting is a cell provider that charges you on the amount of voice, text, and data that you use per month. instead of purchasing phone plans with predetermined voice, text, or data sizes, ting charges you only at the end of the month based on what you’ve actually used

that month. for instance, if you have a smartphone and use 500 minutes, 1000 texts, and one hundred megabytes of data then use painting nine dollars inminutes five dollars in text then you’d pay ting $9 in minutes, $5 in texts, $3 in data, and $6 for the phone line for a total of $23 per month. for the past few months, we’ve been testing ting’s service to see if it could replace competitors likeverizon sprint and at&t the biggest benefit about using ting is the monthly cost savings. according to their website, 98% of people who currently use cell phones

would save money by switching over toting and that’s not surprising given the fact that their plans are so much moreaffordable than other cell providers. let’s say forexample you use 500 minutes, 1000 text and 500 megabytes of data per month at the end of the month onlyend up paying $33 dollars per month or if you’re i like to use and use 100minutes 100 texts and 100 megabytes of data per month you’d only end up paying fifteen dollarsper month also the voice and text coverage onting is superb

in our over five months of using ting, we’venever experienced a dropped call or no signal area. you see, ting uses thecell towers of verizon, sprint and at&t for its service instead ofmaintaining its own cell towers ting formed a partnership with verizonsprint and at&t to use their cell towers for providing voice andtext wherever these three providers have a voice and text coverage which means chances are withting you’ll have a voice and text no matterwhere you go on the fit for the listings 3g and 4gdata coverage is good

but isn’t great instead of partneringwith verizon sprint and at&t for data coverage ting only partthat up with sprint the stings data coverage isthe same as dove springs news coverage map can beseen here was prince data coverage is still prettygood since print is the third largest cellphone servicecompany in the country from my experience it’s worse thanverizon’s news coverage map can be seeing here as you can see verizon has a fewmore dated houston sprint although on

the east and west coast the coverage seems to be about the sameanother pro that we liked about taking was itscustomer service you have no idea overjoyed we were whenwe called taking and is that have been put on holdby some robot we were connected to a friendly and knowledgeable rapping aboutfour rings we since called ting customer servicenumerous times to test the response time and every time we’ve been connected tosomeone who speaks perfect english in 30 seconds or less a dislike we hadabout thing is that to use that service

you’ll have to buy a new phone from themand because you’ll have to buy a conflict-free phone that means you may need to spend a fewhundred dollars on your phone if you want the latestmodel however this doesn’t apply if your current cell provider is sprintsince thing lets you bring sprint devices directly to the surface so inconclusion ting is a service that we really enjoyedusing and it’s something that will keep on using as a replacementto all previous provider if team would get verizon and at&t onborder state

partners and subsidize some of its formsthen it would be the perfect cell provider in our eyes however with its excellent coveragegreat custom support and extremely affordable plans thing is still a service that we highlyrecommend that you check out thanks for watching and for a moredetailed review plus a $25 dollar ting promo code check out the link in the descriptionbelow

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