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hello everyone, sotius here and today i’mbringing you your five gaming news! the life is strange limited edition box nowhas a release date of january 19th in the us and january 22nd for palterritories, the limited edition box includes the game along with a soundtrack featuring14 licensed tracks from the game along with 8 tracks from the game’scomposer jonathan morali, a physical 32-page art book and director’scommentary. steel strider is now available on steam, itis a follow up to gigantic army and pays homage to run and gun gamessuch as turrican and super contra. the player plays as a member of a clandestine,interstellar peace-keeping organization and

pilots their gemini-classmcr to trouble shoot emergencies in planets around the galaxy. the game features:four planet stages of intense mech shooting actionmid and end level bosses of gargantuan proportions four difficulty modes from easy to insane8 upgrade-able weapons jetpack to give your mech extra maneuverabilitykeyboard and mouse or dual analog stick controls steam-based achievements, online leader boards,trading cards and more. the game is on steam for $5.99, a link tothe steam page can be found in the description a new interactive experience app has beenreleased for just cause 3, the app is part

two of the previous wingsuittour, it works by utilizing mobile devices gyrometer to rotate the view of the worldwhen the device is tilted, providing users with a full 360 degree view. it can also be viewed via youtube and controlledusing the wads buttons. the downloadabe app can be found on the androidand app store for free. new details have been released for tom clancy’srainbow six siege season pass. the season pass is a year-longpremium membership which features: a seven day exclusive early access to theeight new operators upon their release. a permanent 5% renown boost to allow you tounlock content quicker

the exclusive season pass porter weapon skinthe safari bundle of five weapons skins two extra daily renown-earning challenges600 r6 credits that can be used to purchase additional in-game content. the first post-launch content pack ‘operationblack ice’ is to be released in january and bring with it two newoperators from the canadian jtf2 counter-terrorism unit, a brand new map and more. season pass is available to purchase separatelyor is included in the gold edition of tom clancy’s rainbow sixsiege. more information below.

an official trailer has been released forsignal to noise, the debut title from solaniums launches for pcon the 20th of november and takes inspiration from classics such as tempest, starfox anddefender. the game is a rail-shooter that builds itself based on themusic you play, similar to how games like audiosurf generate levels. features include:classic rail-shooter action re-imagined levels, enemies and power-ups generated onthe fly via any music input songs, playlists or even live musiccompete online via global leaderboards a link to the games official trailer can befound in the description.

and that’s your five gaming related news storiesfor today, be sure to check out to stay up to date.if you are a publisher or developer and wish to have your game featured, contact detailscan be found below. keep gaming and we will see you next time.

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