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let me have a drink of this before we getgoing… hey guys what’s up it’s dani and today forthe first time were going to be doing a movie review! *applause* this weekend there were two big movies thatcame out. on one hand you had judd apatow and amy schumer’s trainwreck and on the otherhand you had paul rudd and marvel’s ant-man. but this weekend i was able to go see oneof them and that was amy schumer’s trainwreck. and…so today i thought we would do a littlebit of a movie review. now i’ve never done a movie review i’ve never really done a reviewbut i’m really big into movies and i think itwould be a nice addition to the channel so…today

we’re going to do a movie review! i hadn’t seen any of amy schumer’s stuff beforei saw the trailer for this movie but when i saw the trailer for this movie i thoughtit was hysterical i had to go see this movie and i’m so gladthat i did because i was literally laughing out loud almost the entire movie. in the movie amy schumer plays a girl namedamy and uh when she was young her parent divorce and her father drilled into her andher younger sister’s head that monogamy is not realistic. without giving to much of the story away shepretty much practices this throughout her life, never really settling down, kind ofswitching the roles of what typically we see

men in movies doing and we see her kind ofsleeping around, hooking up, never getting serious, partying, all that good stuff. um, until she meets this sports doctor whoshe has a thing for and that kind of changes and you kind of go through the typical romanticcomedy type uh story line. sometimes with comedies i find that all thefunny bits are in the trailer and the rest is kind of like meh its okay. but um with this com..with this movie it isfunny through out the entire thing. amy schumer is amazing. this is like her firstreal lead role in a movie. and she does it amazingly.

she has some parts in the movie that are alittle more um serious and you have to kind of show some emotions and she nailed it. bill hader who has been in a lot of othermovies i haven’t seen him as a leading man and i thought he did awesome. he and amy have amazing chemistry and theywork together really really well. some of the secondary characters or minorcharacters were awesome as well. vanessa bayer played the work best friendand she had some really funny parts as well. lebron james is also in the movie and he isnot the best actor but he delivered his lines perfectly and he was a really funny additionto the story.

overall the movie was really funny. it didfor me kind of slow down a little bit towards the middle but it picked back up as the moviewent on. it is a judd apatow film and they tend tobe a little bit longer but it is one of the better movies i have seen in while. and i would definitely recommend that yougo see this movie! if you have seen trainwreck already leavea comment in the comments below, let me know what you thought of if you liked it, if youenjoyed it, what parts you did or didn’t like. um annnnd…if you like this video and youwant to see more movie reviews then give this video a thumbs up and i can definitely dothat for you guys i’m seeing movies all the

time so i will definitely be fun for me tokind of come on here and talk about them without giving you any spoilers! if you want to see more videos from includingmore movie reviews go head and hit that subscribe button and uh that way you know when i putvideos out and you don’t have to go searching for them! and plus i would really like it if you didit, if you did subscribe that would be really nice! ya, that’s all i’ve got! cheers! ahhhhh if there are any movies coming out soon orsometime this year that your really looking

forward to leave a comment in the below. leave a comment in the below? leave a comment below and let me know whatthose are and uh maybe we can talk about them or i can plan to review them as well. um..nowgo see the movie ’cause it was really funny!

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