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hello and welcome to mtfx. sending money to the phillipines? mtfx helps you to transfer phillipian peso to the phillipines at great rates with low transfer fees this means you’ll enjoy significantsavings on your next money transfer to the phillipines compared to the bank banks. when and how you change your money really does matter and what you put in should be what you get out with the bigbanks you can lose as much as 5% on your currency conversions why not get more for your money

at mtfx there are no commission fees nor do we have anyhidden charges. only the best rate on every transfer no matter what the amount simply book your foreign exchange transaction online using our 24 7trading and payments platform – fx office and transfer the money to ouraccount. once received, we will convert the funds for you at a great rate then transfer the fundsinto the account of your choice. our global banking partners ensure quickturnaround time for sending your money internationally and our process issimple.

take control of your foreign exchange requirements and internationalmoney transfers with mtfx. we’re confident when you compare our favorableexchange rates to those of your current provider you will be surprised at how muchmoney you saved. at mtfx we’re here to help

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