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hi everyone i’m samantha artz i’m herewith 20 hands productions and we’re going to start doing reviews onproducts that we find interesting so i find beauty products interestingand my latest purchase is the tria at home laser hair removal looks like a gun right? "bang bang" haha thats so stupid it didn’t come out that good ok so this is a product that willpermanently remove your hair and you use it at home so what’s a do-it-yourself kind of adeal so this is how it works you just press this little button on top and thenyou’ll see it’s kind of like a wireless

sign like wi-fi and so that means thatthe sensors on and it wants you to check your skin color if your skin color is too dark itactually could damage your skin pigment so it’s not going to turn on so let’s see if i passed the test that means that one ok so now i coulduse it and i could pick different levels it goes 1 through 5 and 1 being thelowest five being the strongest so let’s show you how you do it you just pressthis button sounds like a song

ok so i’m just going to pick two and i’mgoing to put it right on my skin and you’re going to hear it beep and see itflash i don’t know if you can even see thatflash because it was on my skin ok so i’m going to stop talking your earoff and let you know if i like the tria as of right now i do like the triabecause i can use it in the comfort of my home i don’t have to go to the salonno one has to see me naked but i have not seen results yet and i’mexpecting to see results in three months because i have read reviews that havebeen very positive and they had said that they did see results within threemonths so that is a plus for me

tria is very convenient easy to use so yes i do recommend it so far and i will be doing another videoin 3 months to let you know my results so if you want to see that please subscribe to the button below have agood time everyone

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