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a pittsburgh couple’s wedding day turned incrediblyscary when the groom, all dressed in his suit and ready to go, started feeling breathless.he thought it was nerves, until he realized he was having a heart attack. but they didn’tlet it stop them. "he said that he was getting married one wayor another, no matter what." (via kdka) sixty-eight-year-old bob adams was just afew minutes from getting married when he realized he was having a heart attack. he took a nitropill and an ambulance was called — they insisted he head to the er. and he insistedthe ceremony continue there. "preacher come in, and thing i said to himwas, ‘hey, we’re not doing last rites, we’re doing a marriage."

"bob, repeat after me, i take you, mary." "i take you mary…" (via kdka) bob’s now-wife mary pizzuto was, as emts describedher, a "nervous wreck." she’s actually had five heart attacks herself. the pittsburgh tribune-review reports thepair met more than 30 years ago and recently reconnected through facebook. pizzuto helpedadams after his second wife’s death from cancer. and she says where they got married doesn’tmatter — hospital or otherwise — because marriage is for better or for worse. now their story is making national headlines,and a writer for jezebel agrees with pizzutto:

"hey, as long as you are married at the endof the day, the wedding is technically a success." plus, the hospital staff pitched in on decorations— they strung specimen cups together. adams is recovering after an angioplasty and shouldbe released soon.

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