U8 Smartwatch Review

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usb type-c adapterwhat’s up guys, its chris with techfarm. usb type-c is will soon be the standard fornew devices to charge and transfer data, but this technology is fairly new. usb type-cadapters provide convenient ways to communicate with older technology.my 2015 macbook only uses usb type-c, which is extremely inconvenient for real world use.while i’ve tried various adapters, my most used one was the usb type-c to type-a by cablematters. it allows for a connection between older usb chargers using type-a and new technologyusing type-c. so, standard devices such as computers, wall chargers and power banks cannow be used for charging and transferring data.as simple as this product sounds, having the

ability to connect older technology can beextremely useful when traveling. most people do not have the newest technology, but everyonehas standard usb type-a chargers. so before you spend all kinds of money on various chargers,spend $6 on the cable and it will solve most of you needs. the link is in the descriptionbelow. i hope you enjoyed this video, if so hit thatlike button. subscribe to my channel for more tech news and reviews. see you next time!

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