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survival – it is humanity’s most basic instinct. even when our emotions and bodies are stripped down to their limits, our mentality is wired for one thing – and that is to live. if we boil it down, we are animals. that cannot be debated. we are highly intelligent animals, yes: with emotions, thoughts, and concerns. but still animals nonetheless. when our very livelihood is threatened, we become primal. we turn into well-oiled machines created for the purpose of protection for ourselves and for those we hold dear. humanity has never had a hard time showing our true colors. our species consists of many people who mean well, that is a given. but we are plagued by millions of others who choose to do wrong every day: rapists, thieves, murderers, adulterers, convicts, pedophiles – these are people, by definition at least. in a post-apocalyptic world, these wrongdoers seem like a normality. it seems that it would be rarer to find a benevolent individual than someone who is just trying to survive. a post-apocalyptic scenario would not bode well for humanity, that seems to go without saying. we already have a hard time controlling our lives and trying to maintain peace. in a world without a future, a world without hope, any shred of control seems an impossibility for most.

luckily, we haven’t faced an event that is nearly as devastating or cataclysmic as an apocalypse. however – – in the direction that things are headed now, it seems more and more likely that we will bring on our undoing ourselves. no one knows when our time on this planet is done. no one knows if there is an afterlife that awaits us. while no one knows for sure what an apocalypse is like, there are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of fictional works concerning this very topic. two apocalyptic works that greatly parallel each other in several ways are naughty dog’s masterpiece the last of us and alfonso cuaron’s apocalyptic thriller, children of men. both of these tales are brutal, unflinching looks at what humanity would potentially be like in an apocalyptic world.

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