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showcasing their model-train-display for the holiday- season. 16 wapt’s bert case checked-out the christmas-trains at the old- terry- train-depot. the layouts are in various sizes…. nats 8 separate model trains

layouts… — operated by a group called the friends of terry.. nats they’re using these miniature towns — to attract new visitors to the small town of terry… there’s even a model of the polar

express on display this weekend on saturday and sunday. jo hester is one of the organizers… we have received generous donations and four years ago we started to give back to the public and display some of the donations that we have received.

there are some really interesting layouts, such as this one, owned by jo hester’s husband, david.. who is retired from bell south. we asked him to explain the attraction people have for trains, particularly

model trains at christmas time. the railroads built this nation. this a part of what the nation has been, due to the railroads and this history of railroading right here. the children can relate to the the model trains, and look out the door and

actually see the real trains go by. john case, from natchez is one of the volunteers who owns some of the those on display. he told us about his fascination with railroads.

my father was a railroad engineer with the illinois central, and so ever since i was a little boy, i love trains. these trains will be on display at the old terry depot all day saturday and sunday afternoon. and it’s free to the public. bert case sixteen wapt

news terry. again—the trains will be on

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