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you are watching hotspot shield vpn reviewbrought to you by thetop10sites. in order to protect your privacy and ensuretotal security of your web activity, it is a must that you surf the web anonymously. it may sound a bit odd, but it isn`t so. today even amateur hackers can easily accessyour private information on public hotspots. hotspot shield not only protects your data,but provides you with a completely secure environment for all your online activities. it uses the most sophisticated technologyto hide your ip so you get stable connection and faster browsing speed.

hotspot shield owns servers in more than 15countries and you can install it on up to 5 devices with their elite plan. it works on mac, android, windows phone, androidand iphone. let`s take a look at their pricing. you can download hotspot shield for free – wetested it and the free version includes only servers in the united states, has adds displayed,and can be installed on only one device. the program outlook is a bit plain but yet,simplified so even a newbie can use it. upgrade options pop up and you can see theirelite plan`s pricing: $11.95 for 1 month billed every month, a 6month plan for $3.33 per month, a yearly plan

for $2.50 per month, a 2 years plan for $2.08per month and an option to buy it forever for $99.95. it`s really a hot deal, keeping in mind thatyou are also covered by a 30 day money-back guarantee! let`s upgrade and see the full potential ofhotspot shield. purchasing the new plan is super-easy withjust a few clicks, no login forms, no additional profile requirements. now you can choose between multiple countriesto connect to. let`s test germany.

clicking the dropdown and finding it. there! it took about 2 seconds. looks like hotspot shield really is superfast with no hassle! in addition, you can check the upload anddownload speed of your new connection anytime in the main panel. we unlocked another powerful feature- addsite blocker to your website. with just a few settings we connected to hotspotshield app through our desktop software. and this new browser connection is protectingall the internet traffic, not just the browser.

awesome! now that we secured our internet let`s checkfor additional settings. you can run the program automatically everytime your device or pc turns on. the prevent ip leak setting is turned on bydefault and you better leave it as it is for additional security. the networks settings include safe, unsafeand other wi-fi hotspots – not losing anything if you turn them all on. if you have additional questions, hit thehelp button and send them a quick e-mail explaining your issues.

here are the main pros:• great cost to value • ideal also for mobile• maximum privacy protection • money-back guaranteebut there are also some cons: • ads injected by free version• tech support responds slowly sometimes • plain program outlook• no chat and phone support overall hotspot shield is a real-deal vpnon low prices. check our next vpn reviews.

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