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hey guys, i’m back! welcome back to my channel and today we’regonna do something a little bit different. today, i’m going to talk about my newest obsession,westworld. so this video will be two parts: the firstpart i’m just going to give a very, very brief review and overview of westworld, the show,and why i think you should watch it, and then the second part will be for people who havealso watched it and will be a completely spoiler-filled review and discussion. well, not so much a review because, let’sjust face it: this show is incredible. so, i am not an hbo person, i don’t subscribeto hbo, i don’t really watch hbo shows, but

so many people were watching westworld thati wanted to get in on it. so i got the 30 day free trial from amazonprime for the hbo channel, and i watched all ten episodes, um, this weekend. and just completely fell in love with it. so if you do not know, westworld is a showabout a theme park that is themed to the old west and populated by androids. guests come to the park in order to just fulfilltheir fantasies basically. they can do whatever they want. have intimate relations with the androids,they can kill them, murder them, go on quests

to capture criminals or whatever they wantto do. everything is fair game. and honestly, that’s about the extent of theuh, plot that i wanna give you, cause i really don’t want to spoil anything. if you want a better understanding of theshow before you go into it, i suggest you go watch shut up kristen’s spoiler-free summaryof the show because i think she does a really great job of explaining things without givingthings away. but what i will say is, like i said, the showis incredible. i think the acting is amazing and the factthat half of the characters on the show are

androids just makes the acting that much moreimpressive. and visually, the show is stunning. between the old west feel to the park andthe sleek, futuristic behind the scenes area, it’s just a really interesting combinationvisually that i just loved. and the writing is really fantastic as well. i think they did a great job of keeping theaudience on our toes, even while we’re getting super invested in the show emotionally. but basically, i was just blown away by everything:the acting, the writing, the plot development, everything was just so well-thought-out andwell-positioned and just, like…pulls on

you. a lot. and i just loved it so much and i imploreyou to go watch it as well. obsess with me about this show! that concludes my non-spoiler section. if you have yet to watch the show, then iwill say goodbye to you now… go. run along. go watch something else.

go watch other things. go watch the show! and if you have already watched the show,stick around because now, i’m going to jump into my spoiler-filled discussion. first of all, let’s talk about acting becausewe have two different categories–well, three different categories of kind of people inthis show. we have the human beings, and we have androidswho have reached or are on their way to reaching consciousness, and then we have the androidsthat are still completely oblivious to their existence as robots.

and all three of those categories, like, reallyfelt distinct. and i really like that about the show andthat’s both the acting and the writing’s job. it’s so fascinating to watch these charactersand figure out, like, which category they belong in. so obviously, anthony hopkins was so greatin this role. he’s…like, just the perfect combinationof like that warm, grandfatherly, you know, figure, and the kinda menacing, you know,don’t know what he’s really thinking, kind of…mind.(wow, danielle, that made sense.) leonardo nam.

i love leonardo nam and seeing him in thisshow was so great *giggles* there’s this moment at the end where they’re trying to break outmaeve and hector and armistice, and they find bernard and maeve reveals that he is a host. and leonardo nam like, looks at his hands,and she goes… "you’re not one of us. you’re one of them." *laughs* and it was just like his face, itwas so perfect. but for people like luke hemsworth, who, justfor a second, let’s talk about luke hemsworth. because nobody knows about him.

everybody knows liam and chris and how delightfulthey are, but now the world has seen the third hemsworth brother and i just love him. like, granted no, he’s not as ridiculouslygorgeous as the other two, but he’s so cute, and he’s so good in this show. like i thought he was gonna be a completedouche at the beginning, but i really enjoyed his character. and then, like i said, you have the androidswho are completely oblivious about, you know, their role in this park like…clifton collins,jr. okay, "el lazo," or lawrence, he does notshow any signs of like, trying to reach consciousness

in the show, but i still think he was a greatactor in that part. all of those responses were, you know, eitherscripted or very small improvisations, but it’s really hard to tell! because let’s talk about one of the twists,okay, let’s talk about bernard. we go through a lot of the show thinking thathe is a human, just an employee of the park, and then in episode seven? i think? we find out that he is a host. and, i think i was a little spoiled for that,but it still like, took me a little bit by

surprise. like, i saw it coming because i knew aboutit, but it still, like, in that moment, i gasped. especially when ford has him kill teresa,and i was like, "you’ve gotta be kidding me!" like, ahhhh! i just think that that twist was…i wouldn’tsay, "predictable" but like some people could probably see it coming, but it was done sowell. and i loved it. and then let’s talk about william and theman in black.

and in doing that, we’ll talk about the whole…timeline. okay…*heavy sigh* i. love. jimmi simpson. like, a lot. and i was so in love with william on thisshow, so when we got to that final episode and she’s talking about william coming afterher, he’s gonna come look for her because he loves her and… ed harris says, "no one’s looking for you." and i was like, in that moment, i had notbeen spoiled for this at all, but in that

moment, i was like "he’s william!" *whines*"oh my god!" and he starts telling this story and i waslike, "what is going on? what…i don’t understand." and i kind of like, in my head, i realizedthat they were the same character, but i could figure out how. i couldn’t figure out how they had managedto work that in the show. so he’s telling the story and then they showthe part where william and dolores had seen the uh, church steeple buried in the sand…andthat’s when it clicked for me. that, that whole william section was in thepast.

that was like, thirty years ago when williamhad first come to the park. because that church steeple is the same churchsteeple that they’re standing in front of in escalante. it’s just that now ford has unearthed thattown for his new narrative. and it all clicked in my head, and i flippedout. i understood and i didn’t want to, becausei didn’t want it to be true. because i loved william so much, and it hurtme that he could have gone down that path of becoming that person. and i just lost it.

and i hated it, but i loved it at the sametime. like, it was heartbreaking for me, but atthe same time, it was so brilliant. and i could see, like, as soon as i knew,i could look back at the show and realize, like everything that had hinted up to thatat that point. for instance, el lazo/lawrence, uh…ed harrishas been dragging him around on this quest and then after he slits his throat, the nextday, he shows up again in pariah for william and dolores and logan. and, you know, in my head, like, somethingrung, a warning bell. but at the same time, i just justified itin my head as like, "oh okay, well he died

so the park reset him and put him back inpariah." and it didn’t, you know, really dawn on me,but then at the end when we find out that william and the man in black is *are, goodgrammar, danielle* the same person, i was like "that’s why!" that’s why that happened so quickly becausethey were on different timelines. and the whole, you know, they say they’reold friends, and…i just…everything clicked into place for me. and i just…i died…a little…inside. so devastated, and now jimmi simpson has saidthat he is not in the second season, so we’re

not doing any more william flashbacks, andthat…disappoints me a lot because i do love jimmi simpson so much, even if william turnedout to be such a mega-douchebag. and just hurts me a lot. and that puts a new light on all of thoseinteractions that william, as ed harris, and dolores had. because we see in that first episode afterthe man in the black hat kills teddy at dolores’s farm, and then drags dolores into the barnand it’s just kind of, you know, left at that. and that interaction, like, means somethingtotally different now that we know that that’s william and that he was, like, in love withher.

and it…that hurts me so much. *heavy sigh*so anyway, back to the timeline. so, because we now know that william and thattimeline is in the past, i still would like to know what happened to logan. like, logan was a super-mega-douchebag whenwe first meet him, and i still don’t even like him by the time we send him off, nakedon the horse onto the horizon. but i wanna know what happened to him. obviously, either he died or he was just supertraumatized because we know that william gets the majority holding in the company that logan’sfather ran.

so somehow, logan didn’t get the company. so either he’s dead, or you know, he’s insane. i just wanna know. because in my mind, like, the park is notjust gonna let a guest go off and die. it, you know, i would think… so if william, like, sent logan off into thesunset, i would feel like the park would do something about it. because they’re not just going to let a guestdie in their park for no reason. that would be, like, horrible, especiallyat the beginning of this park’s kind of, like,

you know, inception. so, i personally don’t think that logan isdead. so i want to know what happened in order forwilliam to get that company. so, that’s my…that’s one of my questions. and then we need to talk about maeve. so, watching the show at first, maeve arguablyhas more consciousness than dolores does because dolores is trying to find herself, but shedoesn’t know for most of the show at least, that she’s an android. whereas maeve finds out much earlier thandolores does, and is doing something about

it. she’s been in the, you know, behind-the-scenesarea so many times, she’s increased her intelligence, she knows how to work all these technologicalthings. so, at first, it feels like maeve is moreconscious than dolores. but then in that last episode, we get that…thatringer. bernard reveals that on her storyline, somebodyhas altered her storyline. so her actual programming has been tellingher to do all these things and to ultimately escape the park. and of course, she doesn’t want to believeit, she like, totally refuses to believe it.

but the audience is obviously…that’s ringingoff in their brain. so, you know, maeve is probably as consciousas we think she is. she’s still following that inner, like, drivebased on her programming. until, the very final scene of maeve. so she’s escaping the park and leonardo nam,felix, uh, gives her the little piece of paper and he says, "this is what you asked for. it’s the location of your daughter." so maeve looks at it, and then kind of, youknow, disregards it. she puts it in her bag, and she doesn’t wantto actually go look for her daughter because

she knows that it’s not her "daughter" it’sjust another android. but at the very end, when she’s on the train,getting ready to leave the park for good, and she sees this woman with her daughteron the train across from her, and she has that moment where she decides to get off thetrain and go look for her daughter after all. so the question is, is that like her firstdecision as a host, like, against her programming? is that her first real decision, like fromher own consciousness to go find her daughter, because i don’t think that that is part ofher story. the last, like, step on her story said thatshe was supposed to infiltrate the mainland. and that doesn’t ring true to, like, goingto look for her daughter.

so i think that that might actually be herfinally going off of programming. and i think it’s gonna be great to see thatin the second season. and the other thing to notice, on the pieceof paper where her daughter’s located, it says "park 1." so, that coupled with that little glimpseof the other androids that are like, samurais, and the logo that says "sw"…so i think mostpeople are theorizing, and i think even the creator of the show has confirmed that swis short for "samurai world." and so that like, totally opens the door forthe other park, and how many parks are there? because you would think if there were onlytwo parks, if there was westworld and samuraiworld,

that it would have said like, "park ww" or"park sw" instead of just "park 1." so that brings to question, like how manyparks are there, how many different worlds can you visit at this point? and i honestly think that maybe like, westworldwas the beginning, like that was arnold and robert’s vision for this park, and that it’sjust expanded over the years. but how many parks has that expanded to andhow many different things would we possibly get to see in the future? because that, like, just, expands the scopeof things so much. so i’m very interested to see, like, wheremaeve’s quest takes her now, where her daughter

is possibly located. if it’s in samurai world or if it’s in someother world, like, it would be so cool to see a bunch of different things on the show. and the last thing i wanna talk about is somethingthat i don’t think anybody has really brought up on theories or you know, discussions online,is….who’s gina torres? at one point bernard, it looks like he’s like,skyping his wife or ex-wife as the case may be, and talking to her, you know, via videofeed. and then when he realizes that he’s a hostlater, we see that scene in like a slightly different context.

we see it, but it kind of deteriorates untilsomeone is asking him questions like we see do with many of the other androids, askingthem if they’ve ever questioned their reality and stuff like that. so, my question is, is gina torres like theemployee of that park? is that really her asking these questionsto bernard and then they’ve just altered his memory to look like a video feed and changethe discussion slightly so that he doesn’t realize? or, is she, like, arnold’s wife? and they’ve just inserted her into bernard’smemories?

or, is she just completely made up? i mean, it’s gina torres and i love her somuch, so i have so many questions about like, who she actually is in the story. so, yeah, there’s a lot more to talk about. i could talk about this show for like, daysand days. but, i think that’s all i’m gonna cover inthis video. if you have any other questions or any othertheories to talk about, totally please leave them in the comments below, because i wouldlove to discuss them with you. anyway, that’s it for this video, and i willsee you guys next time. bye!

so, that concludes my non…*bad jersey accent*non…my non spoiler review…no.

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