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hi i’m cinnamon mccann and in this tutoriali’m going to show you how to market your local business online. now when it comes to marketing your businessonline, the first step you want to take is setting up your tracking. tracking is highly important when you aredoing any type of marketing because you want to know what is effective. now if you hire a marketing consultant orbusiness consultant and they don’t talk about tracking you probablyneed to go somewhere else for your business what tracking does, is it allows you to seethe return on your investment and that is

going to be important if you are paying someoneto do this for you. so what tracking does is it allows peopleto associate different analytics for various marketing campaigns. tracking is criticaland there’s typically two types of tracking you definitely want to do as it relates toyour marketing. you want to make sure that you’re trackingthe statistics on your website and your analytics. so typically this comes in the form of webanalytic and you can see what pages visitors go on and heat laps and what part the websitethey stay on and secondly wanna make sure you have some form of phone tracking becauseif someone is on your website and they just

pick up a phoneyou want to be able to track that. now when it comes to web tracking there arevarious companies you can go to do pretty good job web tracking, clicky is one website,crazy egg, kissmetrics and of course we all know about google analytics . all these websites offer something different so it really depends on what your marketing goals are todecide which company you decide to go with now when it comes to phone tracking there’sa variety again of companies you can go to. but again you want to use your phone trackingso that when you have any type of postcards or pamphlets or anything you’re using, you’regonna put a bit different number associated with that marketing campaign so you know what’seffective and some other companies you can

use for your phone tracking call rail, twillo,grasshopper and sendub step 2 on how to market your business online,you want to add and optimize your business on google places this is highly importantif you don’t know how to do that you can click the button below and i’ll take you to a detailed tutorial thati have on youtube as to how to add your business google placesthe reason why this is important cause we all know that google is a very important resourceas it relates to search. and if someone is searching for a particular topic or servicethey’re typically going to go to google you want to make sure that you show up you wannamake sure you show up in the organic search,

now here looking were are looking at someyoga studios in the washington dc area and as you can see in this general location thisis what called the organic search this is what people are looking for and this is whatpopped up organically now there some strategic things you can do to make sure that you showup there one of them is making sure you put a profile on google places.google likes to reward people who use their services because google places is one of theirservices, you want to make sure that you use it in your marketing as it relates to googleplaces you want to make sure that you include four very very important things. the firstones are keywords you wanna choose keywords that would be associated or used when someoneis searching for your

type of business. so for example it can also help you in markingif you want to differentiate yourself between other people in your industry so let’s sayyou’re an attorney but you specialize in divorce so you would put, divorce attorney would besome of your keywords that you would like using google places you wanna strategicallyput those keywords in various parts of your description so if someone’s typing attorneyyou may not show up but if they’re taking for divorce attorney then you will show upin addition to key words you can also add thingslike pictures two your google places location so if you have a restaurant you can take picturesof certain dishes

the ambiance inside your restaurant or variousthings like that adding videos to your google places profile so if people don’t know aboutyou and you have a video and they can learn more about you weather it’s customertestimonies or it’s a site visit whatever. it will be awesome to add videos to your googleplaces profile as well. one of the other things that’s highly weightedwith google places are reviews. so reviews are going to come from your customers. ifyou customers had a great experience encourage them to write a google review. what this doesis it connects these positive reviews with your google places location and that helpsincrease you in search now the third step in marketing your businessonline is that you want to create a youtube

channel and create videos with your keywordsand local location inside the title. so if people are googling certain keywords and youhave a video with that keyword your business will show up and that’s critical. so before you get stressed out about creatinga video let me talk to you about some of the different videos you can you do that can setyou at ease a little bit. okay, the talking head is a lot like thisvideo i am talking here’s my head you can see my face as i’m going through the variousthings i am teaching. so if you don’t want to show your face on camera please don’t feellike you have to but as it relates to your branded and who people want to work with dependingon what you doing you might want to do that

but if you want some time to do that firstlet’s talk about other forms of video marketing you can do before you get to the showing yourface so you can also video tutorials power pointpresentation you do a ton of things that aren’t necessarilyshowing your face and that is okay. let’s not forget about the success stories or thevarious customer testimonies you can do for your business that you can put in video formatso let’s say you are a personal trainer and you have an amazing clientlost a ton of weight working on your program it would be great to create a video showingbefore and after or them telling their story and now you can add that to youtube

you can use a video to showcase your locationor your products or services. when you do these youtube videosit’s important that in the title you put the key words that is associated with your businessin addition to your com in the description you can talk more aboutyour business but more importantly be sure in the description to talk about howyou will help your client nobody cares that you’ve existed for twenty thousand years orthat you know that several thousand people have used your business that not what peoplecare about people want to know how you can help them and be sure to include that in yourvideo the last form of marketing your business onlineis that you wanna make sure you don’t already

have a website, you better get one.becausewhen it comes to having things online you want to drive people to centrallocation that you own. social media is ok but you don’t own social mediayou don’t own twitter you don’t own youtube you don’t own facebook or all these othernew social media channels that will start to exist. so when you’re usingthose various forms of social media marketing, the key is to bring them back to your websiteand capture the lead so this is some of the basic steps you can do to grow your businessonline. so i hope these tips were helpful if you haveany questions feel free to leave them in the comments below and i’ll be happyto answer them for you if you don’t wanna

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